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Spotlight – John Carpenter

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I thought I’d beef up my 2020 month of Halloween horror with a few spotlights on some of the better known horror directors, and for me I can’t think of horror cinema without mentioning John Carpenter. While I admire that he’s one of the ultimate masters of the macabre, he went above and beyond to bring his personal vision of horror to the screen, taking on any role he could, camera man, extra, you name it, he went there to get it all done and on a shoestring budget until he made a name for himself. I am unable to justify all of his movies and I have struggled with some of his more modern efforts, if not the movie then at least some of the casting.. , but I do stand by the fact he’s one of the best and will always be known as a king of horror.

08 – They Live (1988)

More of a sci fi action flick I felt guilty for attempting to leave this off the list. Following a drifter, Nada (Roddy Piper) who finds a pair of glasses that allows him to see foul faced aliens and their draconian propaganda, Eventually teaming up with Frank (Keith David) their love/hate bond helps them fight each other and the alien invasion with their unique brand of bubblegum free ass kicking. It’s a vibrant action flick with so much character it’s never been matched. Continue reading Spotlight – John Carpenter

Spotlight – Stephen Lang

05.Monkey’s Paw (2013)

This modern reboot of a 116+ year old story is sensitively approached, it’s hard to add a twist to a story which everyone knows and that has been retold in many ways over the years, it has some interesting qualities, but falls a bit flat, this is despite an excellent performance from Lang who isn’t cast as a lead but is the main character which catalysts the movie on in dark and gruesome ways, he’s on screen presence is certainly a bonus. 6/10

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10 Films that make me cry… Vol.01

For me films aren’t supposed to just pass some time I do admire the fact that they can cause an effect on people, usually people chose comedies to help alleviate stress and to “av a laff” but there are a plethora of films which can cause some negative feelings and can be scary or disturbing. But despite this they are still enjoyable and here are a few films that tear me up…. Continue reading 10 Films that make me cry… Vol.01

July 2015 Film list


Possibly one of my least productive movie months but still I had a lot of run, 60+ fairly good movies, although I did find contender No1 for the shittist film of the year… check out the list to guess which one!

LA Apocalypse *2
Garden of love *3
Choose *5
Red Riding 1974
The Satanic Rites of Dracula *7
Elves *6
Red Riding 1980
Run All Night *7
Trolljegeren Troll Hunter
Kill List
Red Riding 1983
The Hindenburg *8
Avengers Grimm *1
Paris Lockdown
Run All Night
Trolljegeren Troll Hunter
Gunman *7
The Survivor *3
Silence of the Lambs
Paris Lockdown
The Mummy
Dark Crystal
Silence of the Lambs
Dark Heritage *4
Strange Blood *4
The Day After *7
District 9
The Fountain
The Pyramid *6
Invitation for a gunfighter *7
How we built Britain
30 days of night
The Right stuff
Invitation for a gunfighter
The Omen
Calvaire The Ordeal
Alien Nation
Bigfoot Country *5
Dyatlov Pass *6
The Prestige
Into the wild *6
Pans Labyrinth
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
The Wrestler

Total 62
New 18
Best Gunman
Worst Avengers Grimm

  • Blackfish
  • Susperia
  • Into the WIld
  • Kill List
  • Calvaire
  • The Mummy
  • Run All Night
  • Red Riding 1980


June 2015 Film watch list

Not my most active movie month but I did fine the best movie of the year to date, the gorgeous Duke Of Burgundy that was an instant 10/10 for me. I was also pleasantly surprised by the old style horror masterpiece that is We are still here.

Black Rain
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Long Weekend *8/10
The Curse*5/10
UFC Fight Night
Rapa Nui
Ex Machina *6/10
Universal Soldier *6/10
Journey to the far side of the sun
Undisputed II
Stories from the Gibli Hospital
Duke of Burgundy *10/10
Apocalyptic *3/10
Apartment 1303* 4/10
Wolfen* 6/10
Horsehead* 2/10
Dark Moon Rising* 2/10
UFC 188
14 Blades *6/10
The Witch that came from the sea
Troll Hunter
Pumping Iron
Man Bites Dog
The Resident
Serbian Film
Dead of Winter
We are sill here*7/10
Spring *8/10
The Thing on the doorstep*6/10
The Killing*7/10
UFC Fight Night 70
The Wrestler
Princess Bride
The Drownsman*3/10
Food of the Gods *5/10
Ex Machina
Silence of the lambs
Human Centipede 3 – the final sequence*7/10
Dead of Winter
It Follows*6/10
Night Porter*8/10
Bio Hunter

Total 55

New 21

Best New Duke of Burgandy
Worst New Bad Moon Rising


  • It Follows
  •  Night Porter
  •  Long Weekend
  •  Spring
  •  Thing on the doorstep
  •  Man Bites Dog
  •  Journey to the far side of the sun.



wearestillhere (4)


May 2015 Film watch list

First blood


GI JOE the movie

39 steps


The barber

Tombs of the blind dead

Dead end

Rocky II

Black hawk down

The Borgman * 10/10

Once were warriors

Full metal jousting

Devil inside

A few dollars more

Creepshow 2

Salute the Jgger

Popcorn * 6/10

Carols the jackal

Young Adam

SERP * 2/10

Kung fu killer

Do you like my basement * 4/10

Night train murders


Mr turner

Black hawk down

Gangster no. 1

Angel heart

The hunter

American ninja


Hellboy II

Cymbeline * 4/10


Kung Fu Killer

Do you like my basement

The birds

The hills have eyes


Absolution * 4/10

The burning

Friends of Eddy Coyle * 6/10

Class of 1984

Angel heart

Coffy * 9/10

Baba Yaga* 9/10


Still Alice * 8/10

Once were warriors

Bullitt * 8/10


Carlos the jackal

The one that got away

Man with x ray eyes* 10/10

Blind fury

Fraulein kitty * 7/10

Carlos the jackal

Starred up

Isla , wolf of the SS* 7/10


House on the edge of the park

Silent hill

Evil dead

HBO hookers on the point * 10/10

The blood of the iris * 8/10

Monsters : dark continent * 2/10

UFC 186*

Tombs of the blind dead

Necronmicon * 7/10

HBO Hookers part 2 * 7/10

Unbroken * 7/10

Starred up




+1 * 6/10

American Ninja 3* 3/10


The Resident


Total 80

New 25

Best New The Borgman



Worst New

  • SERP
  • Cymbeline
  • Monsters : Dark Continent



  • House at the edge of the park
  • Night Train Murders
  • Baba Yaha
  • Coffy
  • Bullitt


Selected Tournament Films

A big thank you to the Gavster and Columbo for helping me on a couple of items for this list 😀

Every now and again, a man or group of men have to prove themselves worthy but not kicking ass just once… but several times.. they enter a tournament to prove their worth. The aspect has influenced cinema and sports for several years, here’s my list of obvious and slightly sketchy tournament based movies.


01.Bloodsport (1988)

Van Damme’s earliest talking action film, has him running from the police (Forest Whitaker et al) and partaking in a secret tournament where the players often fight to the death, possibly the cheesy start of a new western genre of tournament style movies. It reintroduces martial arts into popular cinema and helped boost many new careers. JCVD is typically terrible in his acting but the fight scenes are impressive. JCVD has to fight up the ranks to challenge the reigning Kumite champion Bolo Young. 7/10

Continue reading Selected Tournament Films

January 2015 Monthly movie list

Here’s what I watched in January, broke in the new year with one of my favourites and then fell in love with last of the mohicans again as well as a few other new films.


The Hunter
Brooklyn’s Finest
Dead End
Robert Succo *
Carlos the Jackal
Ninja scroll
Kill List
Undisputed III
The Signal *
Get on Up
Undisputed II
Last of the Mohicans
Lord of the rings
Gone Girl *
Silence of the Lambs
Ghost Ship
Swamp thing
Perfect Storm
Maniac Cop *
Last of the Mohicans
Silent Trigger *
Creepshow 2
Dhamer Movie
El Secreto De Sus Ojos – Secrets in their eyes *
Day of the dead
Chris Rock , Bigger Blacker
Kill List
Dog Pound
Herz Au Glaz *
Zodiac of the Apocalypse *
Dallas Buyers Club *
Love is the Devil *
Usual Suspects
Death Rides a Horse
5150 Rue De Ornes : 5150 Elms Way *
Dirty Harry
District 9
Stalker 1
Coffin Rock
Catch Hell *
Love is the devil
Prey *
Deep in the woods *
Resident Evil
Open Range
Mad Max
Fat City  *
Vault of Horror
Saving Private Ryan
Dog Soldiers
No Country for old Men
Alien Nation
Forks Over Knives *
Puppet Master
Werewolf : the beast among us *
Serbian Film
Rosewater *
Hurt Locker
Stalker 2

Total 81

New films 19
Best New film : El Secreto De Sus Ojos – Secrets in their eyes

Worst New Silent Trigger

Highlights of the month

  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Catch Hell
  • 5150 Rue de Ornes – 5150 Elms Way
  • Love is the devil
  • Serbian Film


Toilet Movies

So after watching Bad Milo (2013) I thought maybe a bit of toilet humor would be in order, after all I’m British and I love this shit.. OOOH PUN time…

Here are a few movies that have helped install the fear of the toilet within all of us. I think there is a time and place in all of our lives where we may have feared the toilet in some way, the sound of the flush or what we might find in it, real or otherwise might just have freaked us out over time. The official name is Parcopresis and i’m sure it can be an irrational fear as well as from terrible childhood memories such as where we flushed poor Mr Moby Dick away.. Probably the best time to mention Dexters Labatory episode Filet of Soul.

01. Bad Milo (2013)

Ok this is the movie starting this all off, why? well Bad Milo (2013) is a movie about a some kind of intestine/poo demon and therefore there is a lot of poo/toilet humor in the film and the cutest poo demon ever, I actually kinda want one..I won’t mind him spraying poo over me now and again as long as he kills and eats my enemies. I particularly loved the scene where Milo and his Duncan are in exile and end up chilling out and watching TV together etc.. SO CUTE!!!

02. I brought a vampire motorcycle (1990)

This movie is a British Cult Classic and deserves a mention, it doesn’t have a lot toilet scenes but it does have one of the most memorable. The lead character has just lost his friend to a killer motorbike and the night after the funeral descides to drop a load.. then mysteriously he can hear his friend calling him.. from the dead?? no from the toilet bowl.. he looks down and… (vom).

03. Dreamcatcher (2003)

It was mentioned (in the extras) to this movie that the writer/directors wanted to make the bathroom scene do for toilets what psycho did for showers so there was a huge emphasis on a particular bloody ass scene. I’d like to say that it was very right. After all it’s the first place that we might notice something is wrong with us and I would definitely think there was something wrong if I encountered a dead man and an alien in my toilet.

04. Ghoulies (1985)

No brainer here.. a bunch of toilet demons.. the video cover used to scare me as a child I think I spent a lotta time never going anywhere near the bathroom after dark once i had seen that on the video bus 😦

05. Trainspotting (1996)

trainspotting toilet

Best toilet in Scotland.. I must say it stuck in my mind.. even though I’ve never found a toilet like this IN Scotland I do always think of Trainspotting/Scotland when I do find a toilet in this state, which is terrible i know.. If anything in this movie was going to steer you away from taking drugs it would be this scene.

06. ABC’s of Death (2012)

abcs_plunger abcstoilet absc2I don’t want to give away anything to do with the ABC’s of death if you haven’t seen the film, but it was published that T was up for grabs in a competition and the winners video is now a feautre of the movie, and it was mentioned that T is for Toilet.. but there are a few other toilet scenes and you’ll have to check out the movie to find out.

07. Candyman (1992)



I nearly always forget about the toilet references in candyman, but there are quite a few bathroom scenes, including the abandoned block and the toilet filled with bees and the public toilet myth and reality scenes.. Stopped me from using public toilets for a while.. don’t wanna get my bits cut off innit.

Righto kiddies that’s about all for now but if I think of anymore I will add them to the list.




My horror bro The Creepy Critter mentioned Wendigo Wednesday’s on his/it’s blog and that got me thinking about Wendigo movies.. It’s an odd subject as they are portrayed in many different ways in many different movies. Some they are spirits, other movies just another name for a werewolf…

What’s the dictionary definition? “Well a Wendigo is a creature appearing in legends of the Algonquian peoples, it is thought of variously as a malevolent cannibalistic spirit that could possess humans or a monster that human could physically transform into.”

Sounds pretty cool huh! Personally I don’t think any movie has done it full justice yet, but out of the ones I have seen I think Ravenous would be my favourite.

I would love to see a movie where the Windigo/Wendigo is shown as a possession that spreads from one person to the next feeding as it goes. Similar to the Thing (1982) or Evil Dead (1981).



CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011) – Horror/sci fi flick that features ALL of our nightmares and monsters, and you can just about twig a little windigo killing it’s way around the facility.

RAVENOUS (1999) – A wendigo is portrayed as a cannibal spirit/behaviour in this glorious thriller.

WENDIGO (2001) – George is a high strung professional photographer who is starting to unravel from the dress of his work with a Manhattan advertising agency. After moving to the wilderness a wendigo starts to haunt his family.

WINDIGO (1994) –A reporter Struggles to cover a Native American Groups Battle with the government for independence in a remote area of Canada. It sounds like the name is just being used to sell movies here..

WINDIGO (2011) – Horror movie portraying a Windigo.

WENDIGO (1978) – Adventure, Horror, Thriller.

THE WENDIGO (2008) – A Dark, robed figure recounts his tale of discovering the secret truth behind the fabled Wendigo…

GINGER SNAPS BACK THE BEGINNING (2004) – The third Ginger Snaps movie, which brings both sisters back together and makes up for a poor sequel. This story explains how the Wendigo is the reason for the curse of the sisters from the 19th Century.

THE LAST WINTER (2006) – The Wendigo is portrayed as large prehistoric caribou type ghosts.

THE LURE OF THE WINDIGO (1914) –  A young woman in the Canadian wilderness, seduced and then abandoned by her Canadian Mountie Lower, turns for help to her old Indian friend.

A WINDIGO TALE (2010) – Two stories woven together, one profoundly affect the other, a native Canadian grandfather drives north accompanied by his grandson.

THE WINDIGO (2000) – 16 minute short of the Windigo myth.

WIKI PAGE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo

I will add to this list and link to reviews as I write them.