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5 Selected – Stephen Lang

01.Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

My personal introduction to Lang was in this grimy sordid film where he plays a crooked and confused man, second in command during a workers strike he manages to make a better living from his bent position, using his “wealth” he entices a circle of new friends and falls in love with a fancy drag queens, but when the bottom falls out of his scam, his new friends don’t want him anymore and he ends up getting beaten up for being a “fag”. It’s a sterling performance as he goes from trying to be a tough guy to being a distraught gay lover. His large frame lumbering around desperately for some sense of belonging.  His performance is strong and believable. 9/10

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10 Films that make me cry… Vol.01

For me films aren’t supposed to just pass some time I do admire the fact that they can cause an effect on people, usually people chose comedies to help alleviate stress and to “av a laff” but there are a plethora of films which can cause some negative feelings and can be scary or disturbing. But despite this they are still enjoyable and here are a few films that tear me up…. Continue reading 10 Films that make me cry… Vol.01

July 2015 Film list


Possibly one of my least productive movie months but still I had a lot of run, 60+ fairly good movies, although I did find contender No1 for the shittist film of the year… check out the list to guess which one!

LA Apocalypse *2
Garden of love *3
Choose *5
Red Riding 1974
The Satanic Rites of Dracula *7
Elves *6
Red Riding 1980
Run All Night *7
Trolljegeren Troll Hunter
Kill List
Red Riding 1983
The Hindenburg *8
Avengers Grimm *1
Paris Lockdown
Run All Night
Trolljegeren Troll Hunter
Gunman *7
The Survivor *3
Silence of the Lambs
Paris Lockdown
The Mummy
Dark Crystal
Silence of the Lambs
Dark Heritage *4
Strange Blood *4
The Day After *7
District 9
The Fountain
The Pyramid *6
Invitation for a gunfighter *7
How we built Britain
30 days of night
The Right stuff
Invitation for a gunfighter
The Omen
Calvaire The Ordeal
Alien Nation
Bigfoot Country *5
Dyatlov Pass *6
The Prestige
Into the wild *6
Pans Labyrinth
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
The Wrestler

Total 62
New 18
Best Gunman
Worst Avengers Grimm

  • Blackfish
  • Susperia
  • Into the WIld
  • Kill List
  • Calvaire
  • The Mummy
  • Run All Night
  • Red Riding 1980


June 2015 Film watch list

Not my most active movie month but I did fine the best movie of the year to date, the gorgeous Duke Of Burgundy that was an instant 10/10 for me. I was also pleasantly surprised by the old style horror masterpiece that is We are still here.

Black Rain
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Long Weekend *8/10
The Curse*5/10
UFC Fight Night
Rapa Nui
Ex Machina *6/10
Universal Soldier *6/10
Journey to the far side of the sun
Undisputed II
Stories from the Gibli Hospital
Duke of Burgundy *10/10
Apocalyptic *3/10
Apartment 1303* 4/10
Wolfen* 6/10
Horsehead* 2/10
Dark Moon Rising* 2/10
UFC 188
14 Blades *6/10
The Witch that came from the sea
Troll Hunter
Pumping Iron
Man Bites Dog
The Resident
Serbian Film
Dead of Winter
We are sill here*7/10
Spring *8/10
The Thing on the doorstep*6/10
The Killing*7/10
UFC Fight Night 70
The Wrestler
Princess Bride
The Drownsman*3/10
Food of the Gods *5/10
Ex Machina
Silence of the lambs
Human Centipede 3 – the final sequence*7/10
Dead of Winter
It Follows*6/10
Night Porter*8/10
Bio Hunter

Total 55

New 21

Best New Duke of Burgandy
Worst New Bad Moon Rising


  • It Follows
  •  Night Porter
  •  Long Weekend
  •  Spring
  •  Thing on the doorstep
  •  Man Bites Dog
  •  Journey to the far side of the sun.



wearestillhere (4)


May 2015 Film watch list

First blood


GI JOE the movie

39 steps


The barber

Tombs of the blind dead

Dead end

Rocky II

Black hawk down

The Borgman * 10/10

Once were warriors

Full metal jousting

Devil inside

A few dollars more

Creepshow 2

Salute the Jgger

Popcorn * 6/10

Carols the jackal

Young Adam

SERP * 2/10

Kung fu killer

Do you like my basement * 4/10

Night train murders


Mr turner

Black hawk down

Gangster no. 1

Angel heart

The hunter

American ninja


Hellboy II

Cymbeline * 4/10


Kung Fu Killer

Do you like my basement

The birds

The hills have eyes


Absolution * 4/10

The burning

Friends of Eddy Coyle * 6/10

Class of 1984

Angel heart

Coffy * 9/10

Baba Yaga* 9/10


Still Alice * 8/10

Once were warriors

Bullitt * 8/10


Carlos the jackal

The one that got away

Man with x ray eyes* 10/10

Blind fury

Fraulein kitty * 7/10

Carlos the jackal

Starred up

Isla , wolf of the SS* 7/10


House on the edge of the park

Silent hill

Evil dead

HBO hookers on the point * 10/10

The blood of the iris * 8/10

Monsters : dark continent * 2/10

UFC 186*

Tombs of the blind dead

Necronmicon * 7/10

HBO Hookers part 2 * 7/10

Unbroken * 7/10

Starred up




+1 * 6/10

American Ninja 3* 3/10


The Resident


Total 80

New 25

Best New The Borgman



Worst New

  • SERP
  • Cymbeline
  • Monsters : Dark Continent



  • House at the edge of the park
  • Night Train Murders
  • Baba Yaha
  • Coffy
  • Bullitt


Selected Tournament Films

A big thank you to the Gavster and Columbo for helping me on a couple of items for this list 😀

Every now and again, a man or group of men have to prove themselves worthy but not kicking ass just once… but several times.. they enter a tournament to prove their worth. The aspect has influenced cinema and sports for several years, here’s my list of obvious and slightly sketchy tournament based movies.


01.Bloodsport (1988)

Van Damme’s earliest talking action film, has him running from the police (Forest Whitaker et al) and partaking in a secret tournament where the players often fight to the death, possibly the cheesy start of a new western genre of tournament style movies. It reintroduces martial arts into popular cinema and helped boost many new careers. JCVD is typically terrible in his acting but the fight scenes are impressive. JCVD has to fight up the ranks to challenge the reigning Kumite champion Bolo Young. 7/10


02.Kickboxer (1989)

JCVD is back again only a year later, from Bloodsport (1988) with a slightly different tournament film with a bit more blood and high levels of violence , JCVD has to learn Mauy Thai in order to avenge his brother. Sentimental and cheesy but great fun, a prime example for a display of splits and early mixed martial arts. 7/10

Enter the Dragon

03.Enter the Dragon (1973)

Cult classic Bruce Lee  revenge goodness! Lee is after some payback and agrees to spy on a kingpin who organised a tournament of fighters, Lee goes through several rounds before getting a chance to tackle the highest ranked fighters including Bolo Young. Tons of classic fighting scenes throughout, possibly the most classic and memorable tournament film of all time!!? 9/10


04.The Tournament (2009)

So hard not to mention this, the title gives it away. A secret tournament is organised every 7 years with the world’s greatest “hitpersons”, they are tasked to kill each other to the last person standing for a cash prize,  an alcoholic priest is accidentally pulled into the game, and Ving Rhames is on the war path for revenge, small cameo from my favourite Boyka character all round fun action flick. 8/10

running man

05.Running Man (1987)

Loosely based on the 1982 novel of the same name by Stephen King published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, Running man tells a paranoid story in a similar vein as a classic from  Philip K Dick, Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is framed and placed in prison for a massacre he avoided. Later on he’s picked up for a TV Show called Running Man where real live death and carnage is an everyday occurrence in a twisted big brother  greed ridden future. The show involves him facing various trained and armed “Stalkers” including outrageous performances from Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, Erland Van Lidth De Jeude and others, the film also has in a few musicians such as  Mick Fleetwood and Dweezil Zappa. Many memorable moments in a now slightly camp 80’s action flick. A guilty pleasure but I do adore the explosions and mindless violence of the 80’s. Underneath it all there is a very poignant story of how society is slipping into a chasm of filth and hate.7/10



A slightly unusual battle Royale with Steve Austin, a director buys a bunch of criminals from various prisons worldwide, then literally chucks them onto a remote island set up with cameras and films them killing each other while streaming live death on an Internet channel . One of the better wrestling movie spin offs, it has a range of fighters, lifters, actors including  Vinnie Jones and Nathan jones,  sadly as it’s WWE it spends a large part of the film preaching that violence is wrong.  But it’s actually quite a good movie, lots of ass kicking, explosions and SpiderBait playing Black Betty in the OST. 7/10

awol lionheart

07.AWOL (1993)

JCVD King of the tournament films!! Returns with a early 90’s chic underground fighting circuit that he drops into via escaping the French foreign legion. Again he has a typical black side kick and again he combats a lot of different fighting styles while being chased by the law. It’s basically the same as lot of previous movies and some of the family sentimental crap is choke worthy but I still love this film AKA Lionheart. 6/10

fearless jet li

08.Fearless (2006)

Modern classic starring Jet Li as a brash child bully who becomes a humble loser and in turns transforms kung fu into the Olympic sport we know today. Jet li fights various street championships in the beginning of the movie to become the town’s champion, then after some more brutal beatdowns and stupid vengeance kills, he is on the road to redemption. Upon returning home a better man he has to enter into a tournament with westerners (including Nathan Jones) and one japanese fighter (Shidô Nakamura who looks like Justin Timberlake) to show kung fu’s full potential 8/10


09.Undisputed III (2010)

This movie sees the return of our beloved Boyka (Scott Adkins) returns for long awaited showdown to be the next most complete fighter in the world,  but his new catchphrase is “shut the fuck up” teaming up with Turbo (Mykel Jenkins) as the gym bunny odd couple in convict Battle Royale, Gaga (Mark Ivanir) also returns with some other familiar faces in this brutally well choreographed third part. Also check out the Admit One Film Addict Article The Boyka Connection 10/10

The Warriors

10.Warriors  (1979)

not strictly a tournament movie but one lovely based on an old Greek legend. The Warriors are framed by a rival gang for killing Mr Can-You-Dig-It,  and have to leg it back to their hub in Coney Island.The “stages” are battles with other gangs and they get harder as various members of the Warriors are eliminated or arrested. A comic book style gauntlet is set and the gang have to fight for their lives all the way home. It’s a cult classic for many reasons, great characters, some of the most quoted scenes in film history, If you’ve not taunted anyone with “warriors come out to play” or shouted CAN YOU DIG IT then you’ve just not lived.  10/10


11.Arena (1989)

80’s sci fi at it’s possible best! A strange cheesy flick of a young man who is forced into fighting in the Arena there are creatures from all over the galaxy are involved in a massive contest of their fighting abilities. The young buck Steve Armstrong (Paul Satterfield) has to not only fight his way up to the beast that is the existing champion Horn (Michael Deak) but he also has battle against the corrupt system behind the games run by a ruthless man called Rogor (Marc Alaimo), It’s not going to win many people over by today’s standards but if you like retro sci fi you could do a lot worse, a lot of the cast have since appeared in various Sci fi TV shows, this really kick started a lot of careers and sci fi ideas in more modern shows. 8/10

battle royale

12.Battle Royale (2000)

In the future bunch of Japanese school kids are tricked into going to a remote island to kill each other in the craziest battle royale out there. As part of a new school regime the teens are pitted against each other and with careful monitoring and the use of explosive necklaces similar to Wedlock (1991). The situations are bizarre and the film is tainted with Japanese surrealism. Beat Takeshi plays a sadistic teacher monitoring the kids and??  is a desperate schoolboy trying to save himself and his girlfriend from the terrors of the island.10/10

afro samurai

13.Afro Samurai  (2007-2009)

technically a series but I have it as two movies, steampunk nouveau magna at it’s unique best.  I was floored by the first episode/chapter, it was like watching Akira (1988) all over again, literally a breath of fresh air, something totally new and unique, wow, just wow. The basic premise is that there is a number 1 (who has the number 1 headband) the biggest badass on the planet, and everyone has to compete in showdowns until they get the right to wear the number 2 headband and therefore have the right to challenge the number 1, while the mechanism is quite simple the films get deep taking on elements from a lot of the older samurai stories as well as modern fighting plots. Incorporating beautiful freaky character design and starring Ron Perlman and Samuel L Jackson,  the dialogue is just as crisp as the animation. The battles are regularly placed throughout and not TOOOOO over the the top, but this is the world of manga mixed with ghetto attitude, similar to an edgy Ghost Dog (1999) so expect the unexpected. 10/10

mortal kombat

14.Mortal Kombat  (1995)

this was a brave film to attempt and it failed so miserably but is worthy of a mention here. Mortal Kombat was the shit hot game to have and master, then someone had the not so brainy idea to try and translate the fast paced gorey game into a film. le sigh.. A plot had to be devised from a game that didn’t’ really have one and characters we all know and love were given wishy washy back stories, turning the much loved game into Power Rangers on acid. But the inter-dimensional martial arts tournament known as Mortal Kombat is now a cheesy action movie that you can successfully drink through then get nostalgic and play your friends at the game instead. 3/10


15.Real Steel (2011)

Loosely based on a short story by Richard Matheson and originally produced as a short in the Twilight Zone series, Real Steel takes the story to the effects high life and re invents the story for the average american family to fall in love with. Robots now replace people in huge fighting bouts and Hugh Jackman has to get a little bot that couldn’t to the finals to win some cash for something. It’s cute and if you’re into effects then you’ll be wowed but not for long CGI glamour doesn’t last forever, sadly there is more sentiment than fighting and personally I’d prefer for the story to go full mecha or steampunk as an improvement and forget the family epic, make it a gorey action movie.. 5/10


16.Robot Jox (1989)

Late 80’s post apocalyptic sci fi from director Stuart Gordon, where turf wars are decided by the battles between giant robots (that look like plastic transformers)  and stony macho men with bad attitudes! Taking the bravado and menace from any robot inspired Manga this film shows the ongoing battles between the western-influenced Market and the Russian-themed Confederation, a similar set up to Mutant Chronicles (2008)  and battles that influenced, Real Steel  (2011) and Pacific Rim (2013) land and resources are fought for by using the giant robots in battle, the winner takes all, some argue that it’s a leftover used in Crash and Burn (1990) 7/10

best of the best

17.Best of the best (1989)

The over active Eric Roberts and Chris Penn are unusually cast in this ever so important Tai Kwan Do  tournament movie. The guys are collected by a surly James Earl Jones and trained to a Korean team to be crowned the best of the best. The unlikely bunch include a peace loving Buddhist (John Dye) and a slightly fitter Penn. As much as this is in the list, most of the movie is orientated around the human spirit triumphing over all. but there are some decent fight scenes near the end. 5/10


January 2015 Monthly movie list

Here’s what I watched in January, broke in the new year with one of my favourites and then fell in love with last of the mohicans again as well as a few other new films.


The Hunter
Brooklyn’s Finest
Dead End
Robert Succo *
Carlos the Jackal
Ninja scroll
Kill List
Undisputed III
The Signal *
Get on Up
Undisputed II
Last of the Mohicans
Lord of the rings
Gone Girl *
Silence of the Lambs
Ghost Ship
Swamp thing
Perfect Storm
Maniac Cop *
Last of the Mohicans
Silent Trigger *
Creepshow 2
Dhamer Movie
El Secreto De Sus Ojos – Secrets in their eyes *
Day of the dead
Chris Rock , Bigger Blacker
Kill List
Dog Pound
Herz Au Glaz *
Zodiac of the Apocalypse *
Dallas Buyers Club *
Love is the Devil *
Usual Suspects
Death Rides a Horse
5150 Rue De Ornes : 5150 Elms Way *
Dirty Harry
District 9
Stalker 1
Coffin Rock
Catch Hell *
Love is the devil
Prey *
Deep in the woods *
Resident Evil
Open Range
Mad Max
Fat City  *
Vault of Horror
Saving Private Ryan
Dog Soldiers
No Country for old Men
Alien Nation
Forks Over Knives *
Puppet Master
Werewolf : the beast among us *
Serbian Film
Rosewater *
Hurt Locker
Stalker 2

Total 81

New films 19
Best New film : El Secreto De Sus Ojos – Secrets in their eyes

Worst New Silent Trigger

Highlights of the month

  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Catch Hell
  • 5150 Rue de Ornes – 5150 Elms Way
  • Love is the devil
  • Serbian Film


Toilet Movies

So after watching Bad Milo (2013) I thought maybe a bit of toilet humor would be in order, after all I’m British and I love this shit.. OOOH PUN time…

Here are a few movies that have helped install the fear of the toilet within all of us. I think there is a time and place in all of our lives where we may have feared the toilet in some way, the sound of the flush or what we might find in it, real or otherwise might just have freaked us out over time. The official name is Parcopresis and i’m sure it can be an irrational fear as well as from terrible childhood memories such as where we flushed poor Mr Moby Dick away.. Probably the best time to mention Dexters Labatory episode Filet of Soul.

01. Bad Milo (2013)

Ok this is the movie starting this all off, why? well Bad Milo (2013) is a movie about a some kind of intestine/poo demon and therefore there is a lot of poo/toilet humor in the film and the cutest poo demon ever, I actually kinda want one..I won’t mind him spraying poo over me now and again as long as he kills and eats my enemies. I particularly loved the scene where Milo and his Duncan are in exile and end up chilling out and watching TV together etc.. SO CUTE!!!

02. I brought a vampire motorcycle (1990)

This movie is a British Cult Classic and deserves a mention, it doesn’t have a lot toilet scenes but it does have one of the most memorable. The lead character has just lost his friend to a killer motorbike and the night after the funeral descides to drop a load.. then mysteriously he can hear his friend calling him.. from the dead?? no from the toilet bowl.. he looks down and… (vom).

03. Dreamcatcher (2003)

It was mentioned (in the extras) to this movie that the writer/directors wanted to make the bathroom scene do for toilets what psycho did for showers so there was a huge emphasis on a particular bloody ass scene. I’d like to say that it was very right. After all it’s the first place that we might notice something is wrong with us and I would definitely think there was something wrong if I encountered a dead man and an alien in my toilet.

04. Ghoulies (1985)

No brainer here.. a bunch of toilet demons.. the video cover used to scare me as a child I think I spent a lotta time never going anywhere near the bathroom after dark once i had seen that on the video bus 😦

05. Trainspotting (1996)

trainspotting toilet

Best toilet in Scotland.. I must say it stuck in my mind.. even though I’ve never found a toilet like this IN Scotland I do always think of Trainspotting/Scotland when I do find a toilet in this state, which is terrible i know.. If anything in this movie was going to steer you away from taking drugs it would be this scene.

06. ABC’s of Death (2012)

abcs_plunger abcstoilet absc2I don’t want to give away anything to do with the ABC’s of death if you haven’t seen the film, but it was published that T was up for grabs in a competition and the winners video is now a feautre of the movie, and it was mentioned that T is for Toilet.. but there are a few other toilet scenes and you’ll have to check out the movie to find out.

07. Candyman (1992)



I nearly always forget about the toilet references in candyman, but there are quite a few bathroom scenes, including the abandoned block and the toilet filled with bees and the public toilet myth and reality scenes.. Stopped me from using public toilets for a while.. don’t wanna get my bits cut off innit.

Righto kiddies that’s about all for now but if I think of anymore I will add them to the list.






My horror bro The Creepy Critter mentioned Wendigo Wednesday’s on his/it’s blog and that got me thinking about Wendigo movies.. It’s an odd subject as they are portrayed in many different ways in many different movies. Some they are spirits, other movies just another name for a werewolf…

What’s the dictionary definition? “Well a Wendigo is a creature appearing in legends of the Algonquian peoples, it is thought of variously as a malevolent cannibalistic spirit that could possess humans or a monster that human could physically transform into.”

Sounds pretty cool huh! Personally I don’t think any movie has done it full justice yet, but out of the ones I have seen I think Ravenous would be my favourite.

I would love to see a movie where the Windigo/Wendigo is shown as a possession that spreads from one person to the next feeding as it goes. Similar to the Thing (1982) or Evil Dead (1981).



CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011) – Horror/sci fi flick that features ALL of our nightmares and monsters, and you can just about twig a little windigo killing it’s way around the facility.

RAVENOUS (1999) – A wendigo is portrayed as a cannibal spirit/behaviour in this glorious thriller.

WENDIGO (2001) – George is a high strung professional photographer who is starting to unravel from the dress of his work with a Manhattan advertising agency. After moving to the wilderness a wendigo starts to haunt his family.

WINDIGO (1994) –A reporter Struggles to cover a Native American Groups Battle with the government for independence in a remote area of Canada. It sounds like the name is just being used to sell movies here..

WINDIGO (2011) – Horror movie portraying a Windigo.

WENDIGO (1978) – Adventure, Horror, Thriller.

THE WENDIGO (2008) – A Dark, robed figure recounts his tale of discovering the secret truth behind the fabled Wendigo…

GINGER SNAPS BACK THE BEGINNING (2004) – The third Ginger Snaps movie, which brings both sisters back together and makes up for a poor sequel. This story explains how the Wendigo is the reason for the curse of the sisters from the 19th Century.

THE LAST WINTER (2006) – The Wendigo is portrayed as large prehistoric caribou type ghosts.

THE LURE OF THE WINDIGO (1914) –  A young woman in the Canadian wilderness, seduced and then abandoned by her Canadian Mountie Lower, turns for help to her old Indian friend.

A WINDIGO TALE (2010) – Two stories woven together, one profoundly affect the other, a native Canadian grandfather drives north accompanied by his grandson.

THE WINDIGO (2000) – 16 minute short of the Windigo myth.

WIKI PAGE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo

I will add to this list and link to reviews as I write them.

Let it snow

We’ve had a lot of snow lately; in fact it’s snowing right now as I write this.

I personally love the snow and cold weather is much more attractive and exciting than sunny dry vistas.

Snow has inspired a lot of literary and cinematic works. Even our fables and legends have a lot of snow and ice in them, like the legend of Jack Frost and books like the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and the Snow Queen and our yearly favourite animated short, The Snowman.

Here are some movies that are all connected by snow.

30-Days-Of-Night_7575_130 Days of Night (2007) – One of the few comic to movie remakes I actually enjoyed and also one of the best beheading scenes to date. I had to include this in my top snow movies, as it’s illustrates some of the unusual situations your posed with if you want to live in a cold and snowy area. There are several places that you can live where there are seasons of night, and obviously dark tales come from these areas, there are increases in crime and the folk law is much more sinister. You’ll notice northern European fairy tales rarely have a happy ending and the Swedish crime noir that seem to be all-popular now have had the prolonged winter darkness used as the reason why the stories are so shadowy and gruesome.

alive movie photoAlive (1993) – I remember when this was first released, I was a young teen, just starting high school and everyone at school was talking about cannibalism.. * shock horror! *  I had already read an awesome book called Flesh and Blood so it was quite tame for me. It’s funny how you have to be a certain age to see a movie but not to read a book!? But a brilliant adaptation of a true life event, regrettably it’s one that I haven’t researched the real life event to compare yet but it’s something that I like to do.

Alien_vs_PredatorAlien Vs Predator (1993)  – Not the best Alien movie or an acceptable Predator movie but I really did enjoy this, maybe I have a thing for science fiction in the snow, after all The Thing (1982) is one of my all time favourite movies. This film isn’t accurate or true to either story line, but as an independent film it’s okay to see some devastation in an abandoned whaling town.

Avalance (1999)  – A conservation one this time, a helicopter pilot works with a husband and wife in the frozen north tagging foxed for the EPA.

Cliffhanger (1993) – A botched heist in the Rocky Mountains.. with Rocky! It has a lot of clichés but it’s an ok movie. LOTS of ice climbing, dangers and perils.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) – Trying to make the snow into a huge budget natural disaster with CGI wolves kinda sucked. It had some cool ideas and brought some interesting points to weather movies but it didn’t gel well together for me, maybe I’m just being a movie snob? It is a stunning story about a father and son trying to locate each other as the planet plummets into a rapid ice age, but for me personally it didn’t sink in.

Die Hard 2 (1990) – For me this movie has the Best “comedy” death scene in a snowy action movie? You have to love that icicle scene, thanks John McClaine, you demonstrated what our mothers always warned us about (or was it just my mother.. )

dead-snowDod Sno (2009) – HORROR time, we’re finding zombies everywhere, and nazi zombies aren’t usually too far behind!! It was a breath of fresh air when I finally got around to seeing Dead Snow. Finally a combination of senseless violence, zombies, snow and young fit men covered in blood! WHHOOO. The amount of fake blood used in this movie must rival Evil Dead! Actually which movie uses the most fake blood ever??

The Edge (1997) – I’m a big fan of Anthony Hopkins and it’s great that I get to include one of his movies in this list. It’s a gritty thriller with an introductory role for Bart, Bart the bear! I have a fear of bears now, Thanks Bart. I’d also like to say a little RIP to the big ole dude and congratulations on acting with Anthony Hopkins twice.

Essential Killing (2010) – One of the modern day silent movies, this is an emotional car crash of a movie. A man is pulled from his terrorist activities in Afghanistan to a military base in an unknown frozen land where he has to fight to stay hidden and survive. There is a lot unsaid in this movie which I respect as it makes you think and interpret what is going on and what happened.

the-fearless-vampire-killers-original-1Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) – Old school horror comedy all set in a icy cold landscape I’m not a huge fan of comedy and I don’t laugh my ass off throughout this movie BUT I do love it as it has a very unique style to it that I’ve never seen in any other movie. If anyone knows of something similar then let me know. I thoroughly enjoy this movie on a regular basis.

fargo1Fargo (1996) – The Cohen brothers know how to make a great movie. I can’t quite put my finger on WHY their movies are so good but Fargo was an instant hit with me. You never really see the full extent of the harsh climate but you do see people deal with a lot of snowy issues. And the first weather conversation I’d seen in a non weather movie for some time. They say it’s only us brits that like to talk about the weather.. yep just us and old bar men..  O,o

Four Brothers (2005)  – While these four brothers are looking to revenge their mothers death it becomes apparent that snow fills this movie from beginning to end! For that reason it’s worth a mention here.

Fritt Vilt  (Cold Prey) (2006) – I wasn’t won over by this film, it has some interesting moments but I didn’t think that overall it was all that exciting, maybe it needed to be shorter? It does have two more sequels maybe there is a bigger picture? A serial killer on the loose, preying on some teens who have tried to find shelter in a hotel with one of them injured and teens doing what they do best the isolation of the cold does not help the situation.

Frozen (2010) – I hadn’t bothered with this for ages, the cover put me off, (I know don’t judge by the cover.. ) I was expecting a few wimpy US teens to start complaining about being cold because of the snow outside BOO HOO.. but somehow I rented it out (I probably ran out new DVD’s at Blockbusters) It was brilliant!! It’s not the best movie of all time and won’t make my top 250 movies of all time but I have to admire it for the fact that it doesn’t have a fairy tale ending and it demonstrates how fragile we are in the natural world.

Frozen River (2008) – I think if this movie was set anywhere else it might not have been so desolate, the barren landscape and harsh conditions makes you feel so much more for the family and their problems. It illustrates just how harsh things can be in such a cold climate.

Ice Station Zebra (1968) – This movie is a thriller, but at some points instead of fighting among themselves the people find themselves fighting against the perils of the icy weather!

K2 (1991) – An adventure drama based around climbing the K2 Mountain, I think most mountains have their climb adventure movie. Not all named after it directly though..

Misery (1990) – How could I forget this gem!? I absolutely adore this film. The snow is the reason why a world famous writer gets taken out on his way home after writing a new novel. He’s picked up by his No.1 fan and all hell breaks loose in a crippling sort of way. I feel cold for the first part of this movie then I just feel all twangy in my legs.. * grimace* [edited 23.01.13]

Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) – A woman suffering from amnesia beings to recover her memories after trouble from her past finds her again. Apart from the killer deer scene I remember there is a constant supply of snow in this film.

Nordwand_986x1400Nordwand (2008) – Definitely in my top 100 movies of all time, based on a real life event, a tribute to two wonderful men and a brave attempt to climb the North Face of the Eiger (translates as the ogre) . I did some research after watching the film and it’s such a sad tale (dammit have I given too much away??) All the same there are some amazing shots of a distinctive landscape and it’s actually beautiful to see the connection between Andi (Andreas) and Toni during their climb. And I have to chuck in the fact I’m addicted to men/women with THAT 1930’s European hair cut.. * faints * also I think this man needs a shout out on he matter.

Orca (1977) – This movie isn’t exactly centred around snow but the most memorable scenes of the finale are in a polar area where man and beast battle for love and honour. Definitely left an impression on me.

Oorlogswinter / Winter in Wartime  (2008) –Near the end of world way II a 14 year old boy becomes involved with the resistance after coming to the aid of a wounded British soldier.

crimsonLes Rivieres Pourpres (Crimson Rivers) (2000) – I am adding this one in because it’s about several grisly murders in an alpine area and without giving too much away there is a great avalanche scene. The movie is a French horror crime movie, staring Jean Reno (who else?) and Vincent Cassel, trying to work out what a popular and prestigious college has to do with a series of odd murders. I really loved the movie and the others that followed.

Rocky IV (1985) – I do love my Rocky boxset, and as much as I remember the latter movies form my childhood I prefer the movies in order of release, the first being the best and loosing hope throughout BUT accepting that ALL of them have their merits and I couldn’t be without them. All in all the snow training scenes in Rock IV make me want to do my own winter exercises.. for me making a snow angel is as active as I get.

Scarce (2008) – a couple of retarded teens get trapped in an isolated cabin with some freaky locals.. I can’t say anything good about this movie, lets just say you’ll need a deck of cards and a bottle of bear while watching this movie.

main_imgSeraphim Falls (2006) – I could put a lot of other movies in this just because you see snow once or twice like Ravenous for example. Even though there is only snow in the beginning of this movie and might I add that the film starts off in the cold winter and ends in a desert so there are lot of landscape changes. The snow scenes are done in such a way that I really FEEL the cold so it gets a mention and it also the movie that changed my whole idea of Westerns so well done.

Shining (1980) – This movie I really adore when it comes to being cold. It is one of very few movies to demonstrate cabin fever on a supernatural level. The snow plays an active part as a cause of entrapment and a killer.

Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit) (1988) – Not the best snow film but I have to add it because I learnt one thing from this movie.. there are battery powered socks that warm up your tootsies.. a must for any non snow lover. This is an underrated action film superb performances from all the cast.

Struggle to survive (1994) – this is one another heart string puller like Frozen River, it’s really odd because I watched this on TV and had no idea what the movie was called, didn’t care much either, then remembered it while writing this list and looked up “neil Patrick frost bite” and it seems EVERYONE has seen this movie and didn’t know what the title was!! Oh dear, it’s a great TV movie possibly based on a real life event, I’m yet to confirm.

The Thing (1982) – I’m going to chuck in both of the renditions of “Who Goes There” as they are both based in the snow. I admire this story in every way it’s been told, both movies and the radio play! The story tells of an alien being trapped in the ice, showing that the snow/frost can be a preserver too, this is also demonstrated in a few other movies like Thaw (2009) and Horror Express (1972).

transsiberianTranssiberian  (2008) – I do like this film, it’s interesting, deep and unfolds beautifully, I don’t like it when a movies takes forever to warm up or when the most of the action is at the very end for example, this tale of deception murder and drugs had a contact twist and tension throughout.The snow gets more intense as the plot thickens.

Toby McTeague (1986)  – Oh the shame that I remember this movie! I used to rent it a lot from the video shop, I’ve never seen it on DVD.. Basically it’s a high school kid who has his heart set on winning a dog sleigh race, so I’m adding this to count for all the puppy and dog snow movies out there.

tumblr_mctjjdikVN1ryoymqo1_500Trolljegeren (2010) – Even though this movie is a Found Footage Mocumentary like many others it has a characteristic style that reminds me something but I can’t put my finger on it. The iconic poster with the roll with the blue border and yellow writing just makes it stand out from all other typical movie posters, it’s like BANG, this is it, deal with it. Humm the movie, needs to be watched, I know a lot of people avoided it as they thought it would be like the Blair Witch (1999) but really folks it’s got a lot more going for it. Even though the movie isn’t dedicated to the snow, the ever-changing landscape is still all beautiful and there is a snow ending, so I thought it deserved a shout out. By the way if anyone has that poster for sale I need one!

Vertical Limits (2000) – Mountain rescue for the big screen as a sister has be rescued from the top of K2.

Whiteout (2009) – A killer being tracked in Antarctica around the time that the sun will set for 6 months!? I’ve not seen this yet but I’ve heard okayish reviews but another one that demonstrates mans fear of prolonged darkness.

And the rest…

I’d also like to add a few more items to this now epic list.


I know this isn’t a game blog, I’m not a huge gamer, I will find the odd retro game to amuse me from time to time, but as I have such an impressive snow fetish I thought I’d name a couple of games in my collection.


BBC did a version of Who Goes There – which was very interesting to hear McCready as an actual Scott.

Nightfall did a few snow related shows including…

  • Weather Station 4 – A disembodied voice on the radio speaks to one of two men and a dog who are snowed in and running low on supplies, her suggestions become sinister as the situation becomes more desperate, her motive?
  • The Late Special A couple driving home in the winter loose control of their car and crash, the husband is pinned and the wife has lost her sights, but he guides her to a nearby train station by shouting directions, once she’s there she discovers that it’s not totally abandoned, but who is the man who acquires her help for her sight?
  • The porch light  – A newly wed couple have recently moved into the their new and lowly priced house, during the night they see a lone man standing under a streetlight waving at them but he casts no shadows, the husband remembers the rumours about he previous couple who lived in the house, were these true?
  • Windchill – A student lost in the snowy woods, while trying to find her friend cabin to study, chances upon a stranger who seems lost from our time, he’s helpful and friendly but there is a small ghost child that seems to be following him..