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Great laughs in Films Vol.1

Despite how much I loathe comedy I do like a good giggle usually at the wrong moment during a disturbing movie..

amadeus01.Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAmadeus (1984)

 For anyone who knows me, this is something that you’ll hear whenever I find something REALLY funny, generally my laugh falls between Amadeus and Baby from House of 1000 Corpses (2003) (yeah I am that embarrassing). But this high pitched and comically infectious laugh is so distinctive and is one of the most memorable features of this classical  tragedy. Continue reading Great laughs in Films Vol.1

Last nights movies 07.11.2016

I totally aced my movie record last night, I got home from work early as I was feeling unwell and stayed up late feeling equally unwell and managed to fit in a ridiculous amount of movies…

m-imperiumI started the evening with Imperium (2016) – I had little faith in Daniel Radcliffe being a skinhead but as an undercover cop kinda skin he seemed a little more plausible. But there was this nagging feeling that he was out of place, a lot of people has issues with Tom Hanks  being a gangster in Road to Perdition (2002) but I had no problem with that but this… just didn’t gel right. Still it tells an interesting if predictable story, but it tells it well. Without being over dramatic and focusing in on being purely offensive for vulgarity’s sake.Undercover work never seemed to basic. Still it’s another film to portray racists as the ridiculous eejits that they really are, and couldn’t have come at a better time.. For now it’s sit comfortable at 6/10 but I’m still forming a formal opinion on it. Continue reading Last nights movies 07.11.2016

Last Nights Movies 04.11.2016

On the even of Guy Fawkes night and dealing with a terrible gastro problem I was so happy to end the week and finally get my hair washed and head down to do a bunch of nothing for the weekend. So as i needed a quiet night I decided to stick with some golden oldies…

the-room-tommy-wiesauThe Room (2003) I adore this film, it’s certainly one of the most impressive worst films of all time. It is the dictionary definition of being so bad it’s actually good. I first discovered Tommy Wiseau on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and didn’t really believe that he was a director but a character that was so bizarre, the bonus is that they promised to play the film the first time they played the intro then cut and went to a different film as it was April fools, the next time they played the first 2 seconds and then switched to regular programming as it was “too much”. Anyway jokes asides I managed to dig out a copy and I adore how hard Tommy tried, not necessarily in learning his own lines but those retro b movie sex scenes and the creepiness is on par with great performances such as Orson Welles LMAO, I think Tommy describes the film as being like Tennessee WIlliams, hot and steamy?? The film is supposed to be about a successful banker called Johnny and his bitch of a girlfriend who plays his hard. I do struggle to work out where the title comes from but what I am certain about it that this is all about the spoons and I took a few packets of plastic spoons with me when I went to see this in Soho for my birthday this year. No matter what you’re into, take some time out and see the Room and this is coming from someone who never recommends films. You might also want to check out a few youtube vids on the room.7/10 Continue reading Last Nights Movies 04.11.2016

Spotlight – Christian Bale

I’ve never liked Christian Bale, I dunno what it is about his muppet face but I just want to kick it, but in all fairness he’s a pretty dedicated actor but I wouldn’t want to have lunch with the man. His dedication usually comes in the guise of his body transformations for his roles and darn it, the boy can act, he ain’t perfect a English accent but he does put some effort into his numerous character roles and when he’s not taking himself too serious he’s top notch, but he just has a muppet face.. and in NO particular order here are 5 selected Bale flicks.. Continue reading Spotlight – Christian Bale

June 2016 News


I don’t have a lot lined up for the blog this month, it’s getting to that season where lots of family and kids films will be out and about so I’ll be hiding in my woman cave with some classic horrors I hope.

angel heart
I’ve been working hard on queuing up a lot of posts and it’s helping relieve some of the pressure of getting stuff done daily, it’s not like I’m going to run out of films right!

I’ve already managed to queue all of June for posts so this will give me a bit of freedom to work on July and I’m already planning the 31 days of horror for this October, as lasts years fizzled and burnt out way too early. Never mind onwards and upwards. I will endeavour to something brilliant with it like last year, adding various different types of films, modern, classic, animated, black and white, surreal, gore, and obviously from all over the world. Wish me luck I might need it.


Take a look at Eidolon Movie (@Thrillridepics) Eidolon is a horror feature inspired by the Victorian story, The Yellow Wallpaper. Directed by Dayna Noffke, written by Mark Schemanske and Candace Wiggins.: https://twitter.com/Thrillridepics

The makers of BONE TOMAHAWK are remaking #PuppetMaster!  http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/403011-bone-tomahawks-s-craig-zahler-write-remake-charles-bands-puppet-master/

Take a look at Beware The Moon (@BTM_AWILBook): https://twitter.com/BTM_AWILBook

Dredd TV Series May Be Happening – http://comicdrops.com/2016/05/03/dredd-tv-series-may-be-happening


Rumor: Guillermo Del Toro’s Next Film Is About A Romance With An Amphibious Man https://t.co/BnvVmHhZEc https://t.co/hBZ04dgb6m

Take a look at The Shallows (@ShallowsMovie): https://twitter.com/ShallowsMovie

Take a look at TheEventsSurrounding (@PeepingHorror): https://twitter.com/PeepingHorror

New THE CRAFT Movie to be More Sequel than Remake https://t.co/KGvYUvjXDl

Seth MacFarlane is working on a Sci-Fi Comedy Drama. Details here https://t.co/xgKjI8RoVF

Take a look at Body Count Rising (@BCRising): https://twitter.com/BCRising

Take a look at An Ending (@AnEndingFilm): https://twitter.com/AnEndingFilm

tusk-depp poster

Future Punks Film is shaping up here https://twitter.com/FuturePunks/status/728722692115857409

Take a look at Sci-Fi Podcast (@OCSciFi): https://twitter.com/OCSciFi

Take a look at NthCast (@nthcast): https://twitter.com/nthcast

Na Hong-jin’s The Wailing gets a trailer. Watch it here https://t.co/i8IKUFwMvp

Check out Feed The Black Indie gothic horror film set in wonderland hell. @FeedTheBlack

Take a look at The Last (@TheLast_movie): https://twitter.com/TheLast_movie

death machine

IFC Midnight Acquires ‘Trollhunter’ Director’s ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’  http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3390744/ifc-midnight-acquires-trollhunter-directors-autopsy-jane-doe/

Take a look at The Closer Movie (@theclosermovie): https://twitter.com/theclosermovie?

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Twitter Peeps

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Blog Posts from Admit One – Film Addict



Southbound (2015)
Dracula Untold (2014)
Diablo (2015)
5 Selected – Robert De Niro

May 2016 News and Updates
Is it better when you pay?
Halley (2012)
The Exorcism of Molly Hartley (2015)
Outland (1981)
Star Leaf (2015)
Human Centipede vs Tusk
March 2016 Film List
Rage (2010)
The Enemy (2013)
The Bat (1959)
Killing Season (2013)
Safari (2013)
Gingerclown (2013)
Bully (2001)
The Program (2015)
Scars of Dracula (1970)
Extinction (2015)
Goblin (2010)
The Company of Wolves (1984)
Sleepy Hollow (1999)
K Pax (2001)
Stigmata (1999)
Strange Blood (2015)
The Survivalist (2015)
April 2016 film list
A Most Violent Year (2014)
Trash Humpers (2009)
Old 37 (2015)
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
Night of the Big Heat (1967) AKA Island of the Burning Damned

Scars of Dracula (1970)

scars of dracula christopher lee

Director: Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Christopher Lee, Dennis Waterman, Jenny Hanley, UK. 1h 36m

This is one of my favourite Hammer Horrors and possibly one of my favourite Dracula films with Christopher Lee at the helm, mostly because he’s such an asshole in this film.

Starting with a double cross, the peasants are revolting  against their oppressor, the dark lord Dracula who has terrorised them for too long. They hightail it up to the castle and after an encounter with the rough and well trained Igor, style character Klove (Patrick Troughton) they break in and start fucking the place up, meanwhile Dracula has already headed down to the village and eaten all their wives and children!! Bwahaaa! The revolting villagers make their way home to find the local church a mess of bodies and blood and meekly carry on with their lives with a bitterness in their hearts. The film takes a lighthearted turn as it shows Paul (Christopher Matthews) a young bed hopping playboy who is always on the run from one conquest to another, and after a quick visit to his brother Simon (Dennis Waterman) and his lover Sarah (Jenny  Hanley) he becomes a prisoner in Castle Dracula. Simon and Sarah travel in search of the missing Paul and are soon shunned into the open arms of Dracula…

There is so much to really love about this film, it has the typical Hammer depth in story with the odd twist and great build up to the proper meeting with Dracula. I really love how he stands for no shit in this film, his concubine fucks up once and his shanks her without any question, leaving the body for Igor to clean up later on, a task he carries out as if nothing, cutting up the body and dissolving it in acid while robbing it of any goodies and cleaning the room for the next victim. I’ve been a fan of Patrick Troughton for some time, his contributions to horror films usually goes unnoticed but he’s developed a lot of characters with ease.
Most of the elements of Hammer are at work here, romance, thrills, horror, bats on strings and gallant hero’s, in a way you could say it’s run of the mill, but it’s Hammer so it has many charms, and for one it’s quite brutal for this niche style, and I think this rare harshness is a credit. Lee doesn’t have much on screen time, but as expected he doesn’t have to in order to make the character very distinguished, after all he pretty much reinvented Dracula after Lugosi hung up his cloak and by this time had it firmly in his grasp. Waterman was one of the most bizarre members of the cast, and this might be one of the only performances that he didn’t contribute to musically as well…

It’s ingenious, tense and quite a thrilling chase with a few laughs thrown in. A brilliant lavish addition to the Vampire legacy that Hammer produced in it’s golden years.




Rating 7/10

R – All other movie from the Dracula series, I aint naming them all.. Ok Dracula 1958 The Brides of Dracula (1960) The Brides of Dracula 1960 Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) Dracula: Prince of Darkness 1966 Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968) Dracula Has Risen from the… 1968 Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Taste the Blood of Dracula 1970
L -Selected Hammer Horror Movies, Dracula Movies
A – Hammer Horror Real Revival, Fake Bats on Strings and when Props Don’t matter.
5B – Christopher Lee, Patrick Troughton

April 2016 News and Updates

Film News

underworld next generationUnderworld : Next  Generation – It seems the new Underworld film is underway Underworld Next Generation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underworld: Next Generation

undisputed 4Undisputed 4 –has finally started releasing pictures and it’s looking impressive, it’s strange but the first news I had of the completion came from a bodybuilding YouTube channel, one of the massive guys was being interviewed and mentioned that he had just finished filming for Undisputed 4, I almost wept. I will be bouncing around in the cinema queue to see this.

Nina Simone Upcoming Movie – So much controversy about the upcoming Nina Simone movie as no one, including ??? believes she’s right for the part. But while this is big news and is impacting on a lot of people who agree, the film will still go ahead, and people will still go and watch it.. and so the Hollywood machine keeps on rolling. It does raise a lot of questions about who is really the best person to act in a biopic???? how much freedom do we give as “the Audience”.. to be honest, not a lot. Only last month i was quite disappointed by the Life (2015) film not only because the film was bland but I thought it could have been massively improved if James Dean actually looked like James Dean, but would the film have been better if the lead was given to an impersonator or lookalike? I feel an article coming on… But to be honest I don’t fully understand the fuss, although my choice would be Viola Davis .

BARBARELLA-2Barbarella – It looks like there is going to be a remake of one of my all time favourite films, Barbarella!! Oh man when will they leave things alone?!? It’s not something I’m ever going to rush out to see, but I do wonder what the figures would look like on new releases if all of the remakes were not counted.

Movie Reviews /Quick Flick Reviews –  I think I have the hang of these mini reviews now, although I did miss a couple of days this month I’ve done well in posting (nearly) everyday.

Dead Mans Shoes ­ 

99 Homes (2014) 

The Long Weekend (1978)

Straw Dogs (1971)

A girl walks home alone at night (2014)

Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

Ronin (1998) 

Under the Bed (2012) ­ 

Last Nights Movies 08.03.2016 ­

Splice (2009) 

Harbinger Down (2015) 

Kantemir (2015) 

Carandiru (2003) 

Life (2015) 

Possession (2012) 

400 Days (2015) 

Abandoned (2006) 

Racing Extinction (2015) 

Candyman (1992) 

Heist (2015 ) 

4.44 Last Day On Earth (2011)

The Gallows (2015)

The Collector (2009)

 The Other Man (2008)

Topos – Moles (2012) 

House of Seven corpses (1974) 

The Guest (2014) 

5 Selected Films by…

David Fincher

Shorts/Independent Films

Horror Shorts – Vermin, The Passenger and Hi 

3 Sci-Fi Shorts, Mech, human trials, Singularity and Mis-Drop 

Article/ Essay

Will Robert De Niro ever make a decent film Again?
Robert De Niro

I will be updating the Links page pretty soon I doubt I’ll get around to before I post this update though but I’m working on adding some awesome links to podcasts and some other interesting  movie review sites.


Last Nights Movies 08.03.2016

Epic Night that went on forever, I’m totally shattered today but it was worth it

I started the night early and just went for it. I guess it’s safe to say that my insomnia is back! Never mind I got through a day’s worth of movies but nothing new, I really need to catch up on something new, any suggestions are warmly welcomed.

ginger snaps 2Ginger Snaps 2 – Unleashed (2004) – my least favourite Ginger Snaps movie, but one I drop into from time to time, I guess i’m a sucker for a bit of nearly pain now and again. In this segment of the trilogy we focus in on “the other sister”, Bridgette Ginger does make a few appearances but her guidance is mostly verbal. Instead Bridgette is in some kind of asylum/hospital for young girls and it focuses in on her changing and befriending a sociopath called Ghost, they escape but the same wolf who bit Ginger is stalking Bridgette It’s okay I suppose, I think Ginger’s character was so strong in the first movie they really did need to balance things out with this sequel but sadly her character was watered down I suppose without her parents and sister she would have changed but I dunno this film lost all of the charms of the first movie. But it was good to see Brendan Fletcher. 5/10

hostel 3Hostel 3 – OMG how to fuck up a sequel, the first time I saw this I thought that someone has put the wrong disc in the cover, it’s a terrible shoddy TV movie that’s neither smart or refined in anyway, totally disconnected with the format and fun from the other movies it’s a terrible final half to what could have been a great trilogy, if you’re looking for a decent third then I suggest checking out Train (2009).2/10

aliens2Aliens – this has been one of my favourite films for so long and no matter how many times I watch it I notice something new, and it takes me back to the days when Sci Fi was probably closer to my heart than horror.. I really did have a “space” thing going on. But Ripley returns with some rough necks in this epic space battle with the mother of all alien (see what I did there). 10/10

underworld awakeningUnderworld Awakening It’s hard to really judge this film, I guess it had a loose story but it’s so much alike all of the other films, this kinda pseudo dark and shiny epic fight scene manage ire of fluff. It does continue the saga but things are so much out in the open it’s hardly an “underworld” It passes some time and there are lots of pecks in this one. Selene battles against Stephen Rea and his beloved son who are enhancing themselves with a drug to make their wolfishness immune to most of the usual killjoys and intend on making themselves perfect by using her and Michael’s daughter as a catalyst… best thing about his is the addition of Charles Dances as a Vamp lord.. *faints*5/10


Last Nights Movies 04-02-2016

I was a bit of a loss last night, my copy of Bleeder finally turned up but as I have lost the control for my DVD I couldn’t get the subtitles on!! bummer.. My danish isn’t all that great so I shall have to find a way around that and attempt to watch it another time. So I went on to option B and settled for a golden oldie and part two of the Turin Horse.

RoninRonin (1998) – I ALWAYS enjoy this film, every single time I watch it I’m riveted from begining to end, and to be honest I don’t fully understand why! The first time I saw it, I had no idea what was actually going on I was just literally feeding off the acting and action. Radomly one day I had an urge to watch cars chase around France and went to block busters and managed to find a copy to buy and I’ve nearly worn this disc bald. It’s just brilliant on so many counts.

the_turin_horseA torinói lóTurin Horse (2011) – Part 2! I started watching this last week and while it’s visually stunning and I was really enjoying it, it got to about 3am and I really needed to sleep. Bela Tarr is a genius and I really have to watch a lot more of his movies.. I got to about half way though this time, to the part where the man arrives asking for rum, for those who know the film.


Last Night’s Movies 02.06.2014

It was a long night, I think I started as early as possible and worked/watched late into the night.

Cats eye (1985) 6/10

*A Day of Violence (2010) 4/10

*Captain America – the First Avenger (2011) 7/10

*The LEGO movie (2014) 7/10



Cats eye (1985) A classic anthology from the master of horror anthologies, Mr Stephen king, I salute you.. This isn’t in the same vein as the Creepshow (1982) collections, there is still a fair amount “horror” but it centres more around morals and people who are a$$holes. The three segments are connected by one very lucky stray cat, first he is used as s test subject to demonstrate the electrifying techniques James Woods has unwittingly signed his wife up for to ensure his good behaviour while he tries to quit smoking. Then the puddy tat is tempted across a busy road by a wealthy and psychotic gambler who is hell bent on revenge and NEVER looses a bet. Finally destiny takes over and he is drawn towards Drew Barrymore and a very small folk law assassin. It was good to see after a number of years it’s still funny, it’s still enjoyable I would wager that if you’re a fan of Creepshow (1982) then you might appreciate this also. 6/10



*A Day of Violence (2010) This was hard to watch. Not because of the violence or difficult situations, in fact that was the easy bit (by the  way if anyone wants to suggest something more graphically violent please message me) But the acting was so damned terrible. People forgetting lines and looking stumped. The dialogue was fake tough guy, over pronounced words and breaks in all the wrong places. Just terrible, but the effects were ok, not ground-breaking, but pretty good for the budget, I did like the story, a faux east London gangster who takes a wrong turn which escalates into a huge pile of schit. There is a bit of p3nis snipping, shotgun liposuction, throat cutting antics. One thing that randomly made me giggle is that in cheaper budget movies the people are actually driving cars and therefore they are looking for traffic and road signs and the dialogue will be split and paused rather than the epically long deep spiels you get from Hollywood.. and I like that.   4/10


*Captain America – the First Avenger (2011) I’m slowly getting there, I only have Thor to watch then I can watch the Avengers!! YAY I missed this movie because I was never a fan of Captain America, in fact I remember buying more Captain Britain Books in the past So Captain America starts out a  weedy guy who’s refused access into the army, then by random chance he gets pulled into a science experiment and become a super hero.. He’s still the same guy he just manages to grow about 2 foot taller and fits in about 2 years of weight lifting in a few seconds. I guess size and strength does matter.. *sniff* sorry weaklings! On the whole it was a pretty okay superhero movie, not my favourite as the bad guy just reminded me of something form lazy town, I felt that they could have gone to town on his look and make him more creepy.. but meh… I think I can now finally watch the Avengers… oh wait no.. I still have Thor (2011) to go..   7/10


*The LEGO movie (2014) – I have no idea why I watched this.. It’s fun and entertaining I suppose. Batman was brilliant.. The astronaut was brilliant after he got to make his spaceship. It’s all healthy family fun though.. meh.  I’m giving it 7 out of 10, even though it’s not my personal cup of tea it’s a clever and well made movie, sadly I can’t deny that. I might get drunk and watch it again at Christmas or something lol Hopefully I’ll remember the Everything is Awesome song.. 7/10