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WΔZ  / Double u delta zee / The Killing Game (2007)

Director: Tom Shankland
Starring: Stellan Skarsgard, Melissa George, Selma Blair, Tom Hardy. USA. 1h

With the rise in popularity of the Saw Franchise, there were bound to be some copy cats, but this one stood out from the rest, not only did it have an impossible name but it’s based on a real equation, one that is found carved into the bodies of the victims. The serial killer at work here is obsessed with mathematical equations and revenge.

The two cops on the killers tail are the craggy Eddie Argo (Skarsgard) and his new rookie partner Helen Westcott (George) who’s quite fragile and not really up to the job but is determined to make it work.

The two are pretty clueless as to what they are up against at first but they soon start to unravel the equation (wΔz = Cov (w,z) = βwzVz)  with some help from a drug addicted Denis Penis, who helps explain that it translates to “kill your loved one or be killed”, and ever so slowly they also piece together the dark secret that sparked the killings via confident of Eddie, a young informer that he pays special attention to. Continue reading WΔZ  / Double u delta zee / The Killing Game (2007)

Solace  (2016)

Director: Afonso Poyart
Starring:Abbie Cornish,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins,Marley Shelton, Kenny Johnson  USA. 1h 41m.

Solace appears to be one of the modern thrillers speeding in on the heels of the Se7en (1995) phenomenon, a group of mismatched detectives with the addition of an aged psychic are on the trail of a serial killer whose victims seem to have nothing obvious in common. Merriweather (Morgan) plays an fairly unconvincing and over friendly detective who has loosely tied together a handful of homicides together, along with his feisty sidekick Katherine Cowles (Cornis) who aims to build a psychological profile for this person but is struggling and thus causing an age of an old friend as psychic John Clancy played by the brilliant Anthony Hopkins who reluctantly aides them in their task. It’s a mish mash of mediocre thriller and cop drama cliches with some adaptive CGI from new director Afonso Poyart. Continue reading Solace  (2016)

Rememory  (2017)

Director: Mark Palansky
Starring. Peter Dinklage, Anton Yelchin, UK. 1h 31m.

This is stunning film with some haunting scenes, which linger in the memory but alas by the ending credits I felt as if something was missing from this well-crafted venture that took away the re-watch-ability.

Peter Dinklage brings an amazing character to life in this deep vibrant story. After having a few too many drinks he drives his brother home but the pair crash, leaving him as the sole survivor, his brother mumbles some words which he can’t make out and then he dies.  But Sam (Dinklage)  isn’t ready to accept that’s the end and writes to a brilliant scientist, Gordon Dunn (Donovan)  who has invented a machine, that re plays your memories, apparently we all have the ability to remember everything but not the ability to recall it. This Rememory machine is able to get into a person’s brain and recall everything from our first moment on the planet. It sounds wonderful and  Sam sees this as a chance to work out what his brother way trying to say, but one fateful night  after a disgruntled ex-patient visits, the scientist is found dead, supposedly of natural causes but there are bullet holes in the wall, was it murder or an aneurysm as the newspapers reported. The machine cannot be found or reversed engineered as Dunn kept everything secret. While his employers stress over losing the invention of a lifetime, ???? uses the stolen machine to find out what happened to Dunn and digs into his own forgotten memories.

Continue reading Rememory  (2017)

L’assassino e costretto ad uccidere ancora/The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)


Director: Luigi Cozzi.
Starring: George Hamilton, Antoine Saint-John. Italy. 1h 28m.

This nifty little Giallo film is actually quite intriguing if not totally underpowered. A juggalo boyfriend, Giorgio(Hamilton) is about to be cut off from his stunning rich girlfriend and her fortune after she’s had enough of his player ass, so he storms out and witnesses a man dumping a woman’s body into the river…instead of calling the police he confronts the man, invites him out, get his prints on his lighter and blackmails him into killing his girl, a similar setup is manufactured in Strangers on a Train (1951), but starts spinning his own web of deceit by claiming that she has been kidnapped and asks her father to pay up a million for her, which is about the figure the two haphazard dial a crooks got in Fargo (1996), the local police aren’t ready to buy that bullshit so keep on digging,  the only minor problem is that the killer has lost the body, a couple of hipster kids managed to steal his car with the body in the trunk so the killer (who is only known as “the killer throughout the film) must chases them down and must kill and kill again until he can put things to rights… Continue reading L’assassino e costretto ad uccidere ancora/The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)

The Bat (1959)


Director: Crane Wilbur.
Based on: The Circular Staircase (1908) novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart and The Bat (1920) play by the same author
Starring: Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead. USA. 1h 20m

A crazy Murder She Wrote style story with an intricate and convoluted plot that just seems to drag on and on.. The Bat does show how influential Vincent Price can be without really have a LOT of screen time.

Cornelia Van Gorder (Agnes Moorehead) is a crime writer who lives in a town being plagued by a sinister character called the Bat who kills women by night, by ripping out their throats with steel claws. Meanwhile a local doctor (Vincent Price) and banker render a plot to steal some bonds but things don’t quite go to plan and the doctor kills his old friend with the belief that he knows where the money is hidden. While the crime writer and her trusty sidekick/maid are going to bed the Bat attempts a breakin and a night of mystery ensues.

It’s always crazy fun watching a caper of this type from back in the 1950’s where a sense of horror and adventure was totally different. While this movie is a whodunit it’s hard to call it a thriller or horror as such only because by today’s standards it’s so tame. But in essence it’s a modern day Clue (1985), a mystery with a touch of comedy.

Obviously adapted from a play, it has a similar setup and design. Lots of room by room investigations and mostly based within the home of the Ms Van Gorder. The shenanigans are whimsical more than terror filled, but a few scenes do leap out as being slightly disturbing, the Bat wears gloves with metal talons which have a Freddy Kruger look to them and do have a creepy feel in the scenes where he’s breaking and entering, and there is a lot of use of silhouettes and long shadows which in black and white always work so well to produce a psychotropic and stark effect. The bats identity is kept secret until the very end but on a second watch you’ll be able to follow the clues, I’m never the best person to work out the murderer, honestly this mysteries just do my head in but this has enough entertainment, mostly off the back of Price to keep the viewer entertained even if they loose track on the mystery.

Agnes, yep the mother in law from Bewitches is okay as the lead but is often out acted, the story seems to go on longer than it needs to, towards the end but it does offer the opportunity to kill a few more suspected killers, which got me re thinking but I was kinda “done” with the movie by then, for a 50’s mystery it’s okay, not film noir and not gripped by violence but there is a genuine scooby do o mystery here that you won’t see coming. This film is now in the public domain so it’s highly accessible and one for the collection of any Vincent Price Fan, it certainly does have some charm and an strange message at the finale.


Rating 4/10

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