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Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Nineteen_Eighty_Four 1984


This is what I like to call a substance film, it’s got such a unique claustrophobic feel to every element of it, it’s a constant array of muted and dismal greys, a concrete totalitarian regime where the people are controlled to the point where their inner thoughts belong to the state and in the midst of this, one man dares to break the rules and fall in love.

Winston Smith (John Hurt) role in life is to re write history, in this bleak future where Big Brother (Bob Flag‘s image) is always watching and a constant voice (Phyllis Logan) can be heard informing the “people” of victory and successes in a war that no one has ever witnessed. But Winston strives for more, he can see the cracks in this fascist regime  and he dares to fall in love and rebels against the norm with revolutionist Julia (Suzanna Hamilton) but with intricate overseers including the monstrous O’Brien (Richard Burton) who have carte blanche to enforce what the party ys is right, who would dare defy the party forever.

Obviously drawing from a paranoia of where the human race was heading if hitler or stalin were to drop into power and to be honest we’ve not really paid much attention to the warnings of this amazing book/film etc, instead we’ve made a TV show called Big Brother so we CAN watch other people, new laws are passed daily to spy on people and we are slowly slipping into the Prole class. It’s hard not to get political after you’ve digested this fascinating and terrifying dystopian story.

It’s incredibly uneasy to watch, while your watching the decline of the individual, free thinking and privacy, thoughts creep into the mind that indicate that we’re heading for this dismal future.

Richard Burton (RIP), went out with a surly bang with this, his final film. He’s not on screen for very long but what you do see of him is so calm, reserved and yet extremely powerful, listening to him he sounds like a gentle friends but the torture scenes near the end make him out to be very much the opposite, John Hurt’s fragile looking character goes through a lot of thoughts and torture especially once he makes it into room 101, and attempting to drill 2+2=5 into him. It’s uncanny how many words from the newspeak that have been adopted, and most all there to describe a picking at society.

The movie shows a slice of this dismal life, from the gutter looking up to Big Brother looking down everyone. John hurt shuffles around alien English streets (now Oceana) with the guilt of his job on his shoulders and the want of being free, even while he wears his standard uniform, this is truly a reality where you are a number and not a person anymore.

The original book has influenced a series of sub cultures, new words and concepts and many poignant messages, while it shines through in this graphic and chilling movie, it’s moody melancholy atmosphere twinned with the claustrophobic prying eyes of big brother and constant announcements bring the clear message from the book onto the screen. Even without the violent ending it will get any intelligent audience thinking and honestly remarkable in many ways, although I can’t recommend the book enough, it really demands to be read.

Rating 8/10

full review and lots of post discussion stuff to come

No Country For Old Men (2007)

no country for old men


It’s going to be hard for me to sum this up in a quick review as I so very often prattle on about this movie and I’ve watched it on so many occasions that I can recite the entire script without much help, heck I can even do the accents.

Another Coen movie that I can’t pinpoint exactly why I find it so amazing, it might just be due to… everything!?  It’s a crazy revenge/chase/psycho thrilling style of movie. The movie stars a lot of familiar faces, and unlike other movies with a cast this size, the Coens manage to not only make people act their very best, they also make them so humble, that no one is really going to pot shot and are just equally all amazing. Continue reading No Country For Old Men (2007)

Nordwand – North Face (2008)

north face


One of the few historical movies that still has living witnesses and existing evidence as well as many documented accounts of the events, is retold in this light hearted and dramatically tragic masterpiece.

Toni Kurz (Benno Fürmann) and Andi Hinterstoisser (Florian Lukas), a team of Bavarian Climbers, make an attempt to scale the murder wall of the Eiger, along with a few other specialists in 1936 after pressure from the (nazi) German government and in the run up to the Olympics, they are out to do their personal best to climb the imposing Ogre (Eiger) and be the first men to do so. During their attempt they are re united with an old friend who’s now working as a photographer for a newspaper covering the biggest story in European sporting history. Continue reading Nordwand – North Face (2008)

Night Night Nancy


Duration 4.57
Dir: Lewis Farinella /??/2015

After watching the short film Lights Out, I was pretty terrified of a lot of things, my phone, the dark, and creepy noises, YouTube and short films about going to bed or waking up… but as I am a glutton for pain and jumped right back into the scary box with this dark tale. Although it starts out really well, a young woman awakes to a text from her boyfriend, but soon realises that not all is what it seems. It reminds me of a creepypasta, but a lot of short horrors are like creepy pastas..  I dunno something just didn’t gel with me, from the moment Nancy notices someone wandering around her kitchen and lazily runs into her bedroom, then texts her boyfriend to tell him there is someone there and that she’s going to call the police but doesn’t lock the door or turn the sound off or call the police!? I kinda wanted her dead. Never mind go and hide in the wardrobe, that always works.

It’s ok I suppose, I think a lot of these horrors are going to have to try harder to impress me while I still have that haunting image of that “creature” from Lights Out, damn that has created a new benchmark! lol

I felt that the beginning was a little slow, and it does develop into something that could be great but then just ended up throwing all the scary story cliches into the mix until it became ridiculous. On the plus side nothing  is wrong with the actual filming and the acting is ok. Just a bit of refining and we’re onto a winner. I’m only being harsh because I know Farinella has made better films and I will get around to reviewing more of his work soon.




R: 3/10

L’ultimo Treno Della Note -Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains (1975)


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L’ultimo Treno Della NoteDon’t Ride on Late Night Trains  (Horror,  1975) (Banned) D: Aldo Lado W: Roberto Infascelli (story) Renato Izzo + P:  C: Flavio Bucci, Mache Meril, Gianfranco De Grassi. 1h 34m. Italy.

Synopsis : A pair of psychotic hoodlums and an equally demented nymphomaniac woman terrorize two young girls on a train trip from Germany to Italy.

TAGLINE : Most movies hast less than two hours! This is one of everlasting torment.

A turbulent nightmare ride of pain and pleasure. Amplified by a past pace, daunting cinematics and a host of uncomfortable and grotty scenes. Seemly inspired by various other video nasties of the time, namely Last House on the left (1972) and Who saw her die? (1972). The film is more of a gore scare than anything really steeped in horror, it’s got that psycho edge as in Trip with Teacher (1975) where the crazy culprits have a lot of deep issues and sexual tension.

wpid-night-train-murders.png.pngThe film starts off so fucking happy, it’s Christmas time in Germany and school is out! Margaret and Lisa, high school friends, take the night train from Germany to Verona to spend Christmas with Lisa’s family. They flirt mildly with male passengers, including two randy delinquents in their 20s, Blackie and Curly. The four of them end up in a first-class cabin with a well-dressed woman of about 30 who has pornographic photographs in her valise. Egged on by the woman, the thugs and a male visitor to the cabin menace and then assault Margaret and Lisa. Meanwhile, we also see Christmas Eve and morning scenes at Lisa’s home, where her parents are polite to each other while discussing divorce. On Christmas morning, they go to the station to meet the girls. Will they be on the train?
Continue reading L’ultimo Treno Della Note -Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains (1975)

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)



Day 4 of 31wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f85c21d0db7150be026a741e89c4c1eb0%2ftumblr_ntydystgtc1tanxs0o2_1280.jpg


Nightmare on Elm Street  (Horror,  1984) (18) D: Wes Craven W: Wes Craven P:  C: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp,. 1h 31m. USA.

Synopsis : Several people are hunted by a cruel serial killer who kills his victims in their dream. When the survivors are trying to find the reason for the being chosen, the murderer won’t lose any chance to kill them as soon as they fall asleep.

TAGLINE : She is the only one who can stop it.. If she falls, no one survives.

Welcome to the new chapter in nightmare fuel. Nightmare on elm street is one of the golden highlights of the 1980’s horror screen in giving us not only a brand new “hero” but also giving us another reason not to sleep at night. We all have to sleep and on occasions we all have nightmares but we learn to deal with it. Until this film introduced us to Freddy Kruger out charred prince of comedy gore who stalks us in our dreams.

Starting out at a running pace Nightmare on Elm Street defines itself with freaky surreal dream sequences and a fast paced psycho with unimaginable claws. Things start to settle down as we are introduced to the teenage cast who have recently lost a friend in an unprecedented and bloody way. In fact it’s a fantastic scene, one the very best. I remember trying to explain it to my friend after watching the movie, I think I managed to describe every bloody scene in about 35 seconds in a pitch that only bats could hear.


With a story that bounces off so many dream sequences it manages not to get lost in them. Most of the “dreams” are in a slightly weird daily life scenario, at some point a fragment of Freddy will be seen, his classic green and red jumper or his crazy knives scratching on a wall or metal pipe.

An amazing creepy soundtrack accompanies this gem, but what sets it apart from a lot of horror movies, is that it has a little nursery rhyme that gets stuck in your head and you never forget it. This does help connect the movie with fans forever! Even if you can’t remember all the words I still makes Freddy seem like a real childhood urban legend.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, Better lock your door

Five, six, grab a crucifix.

Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten, Never sleep again….


It’s such a perfect scenario. If you’re afraid of clowns you have the choice to run or fight or avoid them all together, if you’re afraid of sharks just don’t go swimming in the sea, afraid of the dark?!  Turn the fucking light on. But if you’re afraid of a psychotic killer who will find you in your dreams.   What do you do?  We all have to sleep and therefore we are all open to be prey for Mr Kruger. He doesn’t even have to stalk anyone he’s victims come to him.


Robert Englund owns this movie from beginning to end. It’s hard to see him as anything else,  in every roll since 1984 it’s hard not to see a little snippet of Freddy,  they are one and the same,  although in no way am I calling him a peado, but it really was a landmark for him. Even though the rest of the cast were strong,  it’s great to see a character that’s as crazy and animated as Beetlejuice (1988) with a tendencies of Hannibal Lecter. In contrast the drunken mother, Marge (Ronee Blackly) is bland and her character meets the bare minimum,  she’s there but extremely boring and has no passion as was Johnny Depp’s debut, oh and John Saxon plays the tough cop who’s out to get his guy hellbent with a strong moral code.


It comes across as one of those films where the director and his team really had a lot of fun putting together the gruesome murders and due to the whole nightmare element they really had full reign to do whatever they could think of. Crazy attention is paid to the special effects and the invisible element to the killing scenes that adds a gripping element leaving everyone feeling vulnerable. When in doubt add blood, a lot of blood. Despite there being buckets of blood in some scenes it’s evenly weighed up other more well crafted scenes that make beds, baths, stairs and cars totally scary places to be.

I really enjoy the chalk and cheese element in dialogue,  everyone is being scared outta their minds. Being driven to drink and the brink taking everything so deadly seriously while Freddy is just fucking around, he like a stand up comedian in a room of the aged, like a freakishly annoying little brother chasing people around with poop on a stick, except Freddy is playing with knives and telling mum and dad on him has no effect.


It’s always strange when fans side with the bad guy, especially when he’s a kiddy toucher but Freddy kinda transformed horror bad guys not only was he just a janitor but he’s torturing the cool kids,  like a patron saint of outcast kids.While the film details the plight of! Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) trying to survive the onslaught of a dream stalker there are other darker themes here, with a back story of neighborhood vigilantes and pedophilia. As with a lot of Carpenters movies it’s all based on destiny and the sins of the past.


The films works so well mainly due to the Freddy, surprisingly the bad guy is actually everyone’s hero, we forget that the mild mannered knife wielding janitor raped and murdered children. Everyone wants to be him at Halloween. Robert Englund’s amazing chirpy character and Scooby Doo one liners really made the character stick and the film a success.

The only thing that doesn’t work for me apart from the slightly puzzling ending is that none of the kids knew about this peado in their neighborhood,  even with the parents trying to keep it a secret, kids usually pick up on this stuff and rumors spread.This is a minor factor though.


V: From the first time I ever saw this benchmark in horror I was hooked, I found Freddy funny and amazing, which really wasn’t the desired effect but he’s everyone’s favourite peado. It spawned the most sequels of any franchise so it goes to show how influential this was. From the concept to the killer there is something mystifying about the fairy tale that turns into literal nightmare. Freddy humor only compliments the savage brutality which I’d the kind of comedy I can stand. Wes Craven really did leave us with a king of nightmares.



Rating –  9/10

R: Halloween (1978), Friday the 13th (1980), Scream (1996), Dreamscape (1984).

Pido nunmuldo eobsh/No blood no tears (2002)


(Action, Crime, 2002)(18) D/W : Seung-wan ryoo W: Jin Wan Jeong. 1h 56m. South Korea

TAGLINE : Enough is Enough

She drives a cab on the night shift and meets every scum there is, Gyung-Sun lives a scant life day by day


A single macho woman car driver vs the pretty trophy girlfriend of an out of work boxer… Actually they aren’t against each other they end up working together, taking down a bully and a small time gangster in their pursuit of freedom and happiness.

This has probably been classed as a girl power movie by many people. Fair enough two women manage to liberate themselves against male tyrants and gangsters and take a hell of a beating in the process. I’d imagine this is a Korean Thelma and Louise?

As a second full length feature from Rye Seung Wan who (for me) seems to have a hit and miss career, when he gets things right he makes two of my favourite movies of all time, this and City of Violence (2006) and when he gets it wrong he makes a total fuck up like Crying Fist (2005).

This film plays more like a Tarantino Richie pulp style movie as apposed to a “proper” action film and it’s loaded with small snippets of random surreal comedy that enhances the film all the way through. The film also features Doo Hong Jung (one of my favourite Korean actors) and his incredible fighting choreography is used throughout including the final showdown which is almost Riki-O (1991) tough and adds to the violent undercurrent of the film.


Q: “You can stop pretending to be tough now…”

BS: The fight showdown between the boxer douchbag and the silent guy, there is some back stabbing, hanging, crazy beating goodness!!

R: Crying Fist (2005), City of Violence (2006), Thelma and Louise (1991).