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Rich Piana Chronicles (2018)

Director: Vlad Yudin .
Starring. Rich Piana. USA. 1h 38m.

The world of body building has it’s heroes and villains, those huge names that belong to huge men that inspire others to build better bodies, and then there are the bad guys who cheat and disgrace the sport. Rich Piana rose to fame as sitting neatly between the two, he openly admits to using steroids to get to his impressive size, but advocates that there is a safe and heathy way to do this, however this is costly and ultimately he paid the price for this way of life, but Rich wasn’t just about living the physique, he was, or arguably still is a message about striving for the best within.
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Spotlight – Wes Craven Movies RIP

There have been a lot of RIP lists I’ve missed due to a lack of time in updating but I couldn’t let ANOTHER one go by without making an attempt to put something together. Hopefully this will spur me on to finish the other lists.

So the powers that be have decided to take one that shined so bright and left us with a few bottom feeders who we could so easily do without.  Wesley Earl Craven passed away from Brain Cancer last Sunday,  30th August 2015 aged only 76.

I’ve really loved a lot of Cravens early works, I have a soft spot for 70’s horror and thrillers and I adore his early works a lot more than the recent films, I dunno why, maybe in 30 years I’ll grow to love those as well!? I think he took a lot more risks back in the day but it was easier to shock and disgust and he was probably high as a kite too as apparently everyone was.

Anyway I’ll write an amazing piece in honor of a great director and  man one day, in the meantime here are 5 Selected Craven movies. In no particular order…

01.Last House on the Left (1972)

last house on the left

Banned and still famed for one of the most “memorable” and upsetting rape scenes ever, Wes certainly meant business when he started making films. With a few added elements of lowbrow comedy and a lot of lurid and disgusting behaviour, the amazing David Hess and his rebellious entourage rape and kill a young girl then stumble upon her parents’ house. The parents soon realise what’s happened and revenge is a dish best served with a lot of pain. The film undoubtedly considered dated now by many, it yielded a lot of good things, inspiring such horrors as Night Train Murders (1975) and a not so bad remake in 2009. 9/10 Continue reading Spotlight – Wes Craven Movies RIP

Spotlight – Tom Towels RIP

Sadly the charismatic Tom Towels past away on 2nd April. I thought it was a terrible late April Fools Day joke. But sadly the great actor who perfected the art of being a scumbag is no longer with us. Here are my 5 selected Tom Towels movies.


05.Fortress (1992)wpid-tom-towles-fortress.png

Director Stuart Gordon needed a few prized assholes to play tough bullies in this futuristic prison flick, one role went to the chiseled Vernon Wells, and his trusty obnoxious side kick is the giggling Tom Towels. He knows how to be a prick although is eventually recruited onto to the good guys team after the untimely death of his partner and still remains to be a prick! A memorable part for Tom and a great sci fi flick. 7/10

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