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Short Movie Roundup 15 August 2021

So after a couple of weeks of neglect I’m back on board with the blog. The negative and vile feedback from Twitter has been processed and I’m dealing with that and moving on, so here’s a handful of interesting short movies and videos that I found interesting from the week.


Jasper de Bruin’s slow burning thriller follows the night shift of an enigmatic nurse who’s elderly patients are on critical care, and some aren’t expected to make it through the night, however her stalker has reason to believe the passing of the patients might not be that natural and will the overworked nurse be able to make it till dawn? heavy overtones of let the right one in along with an overbearing sense of doom in this chilling horror.

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Short Movie Roundup 18 April 2021

Dead Packet

A jaded film actor challenges an ancient Chinese Demon in this comedic short film. Starring the legendary Richard Ng, the film was shot over 2 days in Hong Kong by Simon Yin.

Incorporating a lot of popular Asian folklore and pop culture the movie is quite brilliant in it’s delivery of a slightly obvious but well crafted story. There’s a lot of different filming styles combined together as the movie jumps into a found footage style from time to time as it follows a lively youngster who’s actively studying the ventran actor on his 444th dead scene. Luckily the aged actor is generally pissed off at the annoying kid following him and all the interruptions and begins to make a point that folklore is nonsense and begins to act up.

It’s a classic story of someone who challenges the unknown, and is surprised when it bites back. WIthout the laughs it does have a creepy edge but it’s hardly horror.

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Short Movie Roundup 4 April 2021

The Stranger – Christmas Horror Short

A woman returning home to visit her mother for christmas after running out years ago discovers that she has a sister? She never had one before but alas there’s a blond bombshell living in her mothers home. Struggling to bond with her mother and work out where this stranger has come from the movie becomes bizarre and the poignant metaphors blend in. Is the stranger a crazy stranger who can hypnotise others and create fake memories within others or is she something else, life without the runaway daughter, a coping mechanism. AN entity created by the void of a missing daughter? You decide as you plunge into Katherine Postman’s intelligent well crafted short film.


A woman settling in for a night on her own finds herself hunted by a demonic force throughout her nighty intended for peace and relaxation. this well shot short movie from Kevin Harvey. has a lot of promise but for me not enough happens to keep the interest. It’s admirable that an almost silent movie can have this much character but, for me it just needed a little more oomph, maybe next time?

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Best Short Movies 2020

I didn’t get through as many short movies in 2020 as I would have liked.. There was a massive gap from March to about August where I was unable to spend as much time on the blog and unfortunately the shorts on a Sunday took back seat while I dealt with changes due to Covid19. On top of that I also managed to get banned from Youtube (for life) so in losing my account I lost my playlist and had to start over from scratch. But I feel quite proud for finding this impressive list of impressive movies..  I’d like to thank all the creators for their dedication and hard work, hope to see more of your work in 2021!

The Herd

A group of women are trapped in squalid conditions, impregnated and kept for their milk like cattle, just with cows, any males are thrown in the trash and discarded. During an escape we see a that a lot of women are being milked and killed like cattle. Not sure if the message is directed to make people think about cattle in different ways, we are all beings sharing this planet right. I know the Hucow fetish movement wouldn’t be able to digest this too well. It’s the most visceral in its approach on this list and rightly so, when you discover the reason for this violence and “inhumanity” it makes it all that much more poignant. Continue reading Best Short Movies 2020

Short Movie Roundup 10 January 2021




A short experimental piece, looks like something that would be a cutscene in a game. There isn’t a lot you need to incorporate to make something feel Jack the Ripper Fish. One of the most notorious serial killers in the world can be easily created by having a shifty character follow a woman through an olde English setting. Despite the incredibly short running time it seems Michael Peterson has created something visually stunning using Unreal Engine. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 10 January 2021

Short Movie Roundup 3 January 2021

Welcome to 2021 a year that promised so much and has already taken so much away, I’ve awoken to find that two dear friends have passed away and thile feeling desperate and lonely I can’t not keep the blog running. I’ve learnt that pretending everything’s ok gets you back on track for things to go back to “normal” as soon as possible so without further adieu, hug your loved ones while they are alive and watch on …

I’ve made this a Sci Fi and Experimental only list today, because it’s my blog and I can do that..


With an overture from Godspeed You Black Emperor this short experimental movie has an almost black and white quality about it and lives up to its title. It has a quality that reminds me of the lost soul featured in Enter the Void picking up bits and pieces of life as it’s soares into the atmosphere. It’s definitely emotive and has conjured up a distinct feeling even without narrative, the accompanying music is spot on. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 3 January 2021

Short Movie Roundup 27 September 2020


Hello Again

A young man goes to visit his mother’s grave and meets an unusual young lady, she’s chatty and outgoing, sensitive but so quirky that the young man is a bit lost for words, the girl is there to visit her father’s grave, and as the two stand side by side and have the most amazing down to earth conversation skirting around and broaching some of the most difficult topics about life and death. All the typical taboo subjects that a lot of people find it incredibly hard to talk around are totally crushed by their honesty and it seems so cheerful by the end of the short, a lovely trip down a fateful path.

I love the active camera that finds and loses it’s subjects from time to time, as it feels you’re really there with the people shifting around with their awkwardness. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 27 September 2020

Short Movie Roundup 30 August 2020


It’s no secret what the movie is about but the elements within it remain powerful and esoteric as a couple begin to hit a wall when dealing with the grief of their missing son. Kevin and Esther’s so has been abducted, the couple are coping the best they can, Kevin is attending group classes while his wife is searching endlessly for their boy, however on one fateful night a stranger turns up at their exposed home in the night and turns their grief upside down as it’s revealed what caused the events.

For me I feel that the “man” who turns up is truth personified, how do you see it?

The violent and trippy exploration of grief is quite spot on in some aspects, as Esther goes through guilt and blame, normality and crashing back to the reality that her boy is still missing, feeling alone and on trial again and again. A really imaginative and thriller short with lots to take on board. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 30 August 2020

Short Movie Round up 16 August 2020

I’m taking another move with my “Short Movie” posts, and I’m chucking in some creepy pastas and other movies and documentary posts this time around, I listen to a lot of the CPastas and now is probably a good time to talk about the good ones which pop up from time to time. If it’s not your thing.. then don’t watch but no need to complain..

Part One – The Rise and Fall of the Essex Boys

This is a short introduction into a long list of near full length movies associated with the events known to the movie population as Rise of the Footsoldier parts 1 – infinity and the range of associated movies. But told from one of the original Essex Boys himself, it’s an articulate and interesting view into the real life behind the headlines, I am going to start watching them all, but we’ll see how far I get before this is posted!! So far I’ve made it to Episode 4 and we see Mr Mahoney travel from the UK, through jail and the forces to South Africa where he worked on some of the most dangerous doors, then back to the UK where he also helped on one of the nightclubs I went to as a teenager! Really interesting look back to the days where part of clubbing involved at least one fight on the door.. Continue reading Short Movie Round up 16 August 2020