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Best Short Films 2021

It’s that time of the year again!! I have been a bit lazy with keeping the short roundups being posted on time as I had a lot of arting to do with an exhibition then with ill health and a few household “things” time got away with me.. BUT here’s the ultimate round up for the year.. Lets see what made the top list of movies i covers d in 2021!!

I am Become Death

I assume this is based on Oppenheimer and his famous speech after seeing the devastation of the Atom Bomb. but what Tom Potter does with this very short piece is to give a deeper insight into the blood thirsty post bomb 1950’s America, a world that lived in peace only due to utter fear. You can literally hear how broken Oppenheimer’s is for what has been created and how he fears it will be used this is a window into that dark thought.

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Short Movie Roundup 15 August 2021

So after a couple of weeks of neglect I’m back on board with the blog. The negative and vile feedback from Twitter has been processed and I’m dealing with that and moving on, so here’s a handful of interesting short movies and videos that I found interesting from the week.


Jasper de Bruin’s slow burning thriller follows the night shift of an enigmatic nurse who’s elderly patients are on critical care, and some aren’t expected to make it through the night, however her stalker has reason to believe the passing of the patients might not be that natural and will the overworked nurse be able to make it till dawn? heavy overtones of let the right one in along with an overbearing sense of doom in this chilling horror.

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Short Movie Roundup 25 April 2021


Dillon Vibbart’s mini movie is a prime example of what indie cinema can achieve with the right mind behind it. This haunting story of a woman being tormented by demons in her dreams is outstanding, so expect to see it at the end of the year ok folks! Made on a healthy budget of 12K. After experiencing some life threatening dreams a woman reaches out to a man who can enter her dreams to help her. Once in the dreams things don’t go exactly as you’d expect, but the battle is fought, but how will it turn out!?!

The doctor is played by Chris Attoh, and I am besotted with his acting skills as they blow the competition and elevate the film’s message. What starts out as something which any horror fan thinks they have cracked turns into something more poignant but that doesn’t mean it’s any less scary, in face the fear becomes more palpable. I can’t express how well this is filmed and executed, there are some really menacing long shorts which hold real tension, the characters are believable, the effects are kept to a minimum but what you see can’t be unseen and it doesn’t rely on jump scares and silly tactics to get under the skin. I hope this becomes a bigger film or that Vibbart is given more opportunities, but please keep Attoh!

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Short Movie Roundup 18 April 2021

Dead Packet

A jaded film actor challenges an ancient Chinese Demon in this comedic short film. Starring the legendary Richard Ng, the film was shot over 2 days in Hong Kong by Simon Yin.

Incorporating a lot of popular Asian folklore and pop culture the movie is quite brilliant in it’s delivery of a slightly obvious but well crafted story. There’s a lot of different filming styles combined together as the movie jumps into a found footage style from time to time as it follows a lively youngster who’s actively studying the ventran actor on his 444th dead scene. Luckily the aged actor is generally pissed off at the annoying kid following him and all the interruptions and begins to make a point that folklore is nonsense and begins to act up.

It’s a classic story of someone who challenges the unknown, and is surprised when it bites back. WIthout the laughs it does have a creepy edge but it’s hardly horror.

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Short Movie Roundup 4 April 2021

The Stranger – Christmas Horror Short

A woman returning home to visit her mother for christmas after running out years ago discovers that she has a sister? She never had one before but alas there’s a blond bombshell living in her mothers home. Struggling to bond with her mother and work out where this stranger has come from the movie becomes bizarre and the poignant metaphors blend in. Is the stranger a crazy stranger who can hypnotise others and create fake memories within others or is she something else, life without the runaway daughter, a coping mechanism. AN entity created by the void of a missing daughter? You decide as you plunge into Katherine Postman’s intelligent well crafted short film.


A woman settling in for a night on her own finds herself hunted by a demonic force throughout her nighty intended for peace and relaxation. this well shot short movie from Kevin Harvey. has a lot of promise but for me not enough happens to keep the interest. It’s admirable that an almost silent movie can have this much character but, for me it just needed a little more oomph, maybe next time?

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Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021

3 Days

In a haze of blue monochrome three women awaken inside their tent with courier noises circling them, but of course there’s something outside, it’s the great outdoors and the city girls are camping in an alien environment, but they have each other. it’s not the creepy noises which captures the audience straight away it’s their 3am conversation about life the universe and everything that earmark the the women as awesomely funny and relatable, but after a flashback the film begins to breakdown like a Christopher Nolan production bending time and realty to get to the cause of the matter, and the truth of the situation engulfs the protagonist.

Written and directed by Julie Sharbutt 3 days weaves a brilliant retrospective tale of female strength and unity, but unfortunately just at the wrong time and place, however the message is clear, be careful when you try to lose yourself to find yourself, women need to stick together and support each other or the world will prey on us individually. Such a powerful story of solidarity which stings with a certain sadness, really emotive piece. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021

Short Movie Roundup 14 February 2021

It’s valentine’s day and I’m a post surgery nightmare so this list will be short and sweet..

Date Night

A charming tale of sadistic romance from James DeCumber and Chris Lundy. When a young woman wakes to find herself tied to a plastic coated table begging for her life when her killer draws nears, but there’s more to this story than what meets the eyes. A tantalising story of a couple trying out something new will keep you on the edge waiting to see how it will all pan out, really entertaining and clever little short that highlights some real couple issues. The acting and setting is really spot on, a bit dreaming and a lot of mystery. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 14 February 2021

Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021

Lucys Tale

A compelling coming of age drama with hints of Ginger Snaps/Carrie/The Craft about it. Chelsea Lupkin paints a convincing story around an teen outcast, Lucy who is victimised by the popular clique which is stereotypical but it’s how it’s played out which has a new twang of badass that sets it apart. There’s a magical moment at a party when Lucy is sucking face with the popular girls boyfriend, the scene slows down, romantic 60’s music is playing and in the background one of her abusers is choking to death with people scrambling around her, but this is only one of Lucy’s powers, the other strange quirks involves her temper and a tail…

For the build up, Lucy’s increasing appendages, her ability to cause accidents and nosebleeds and random choking, there’s quite a somber ending, when you think you’ve worked out what Lucy might be becoming you’ll find out it’s something completely different. A totally fresh horror that I would like to see more of, I do like the increase of monsters that aren’t quite traditional but feel like you’ve heard of them before.. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021

Short Movie Roundup 17 January 2021

The Howling Wind

Black and white poignant short movie from a brilliant duo, Lorian Gish & Justin Knoepfel really gets under the skin. Set in 1960’s America the film opens with a chilling warning on the radio of a strange storm, a wind that’s “infecting” people, the warning is simple, stay indoors. Which is what one patriotic American plans to do, then he discovers a man hiding in his basement, the two make friends, drink and make merry but on sobering up the presence of the stranger starts to erk the homeowner.

It’s incredibly dramatic, with damned near perfect acting and a charming retro feel about it both in the charming radio broadcasts to the vintage décor and 60’s noir feel about the entire movie. At times the sound is overthrown by a chilling soundtrack that Hitchcock would be proud of and the suspense cuts through the last half of the movie as strong shadowed cinematography takes over. Truly amazing work here. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 17 January 2021