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Reviews, and insights into the shorter movies that are often forgotten. These may only be a few minutes long but provide fascinating raw independent talent, from the directors of tomorrow. low budget and surreal imagination is the key to a lot of the films, thought provoking and haunting.

Short Movie Roundup 22 August 2021

Good evening! I hope everyone is still safe and doing their best to keep themselves and everyone around them safe from evil Covid.. I’m getting ready for an art exhibition so things will be brief, but between watching layers of paint try I managed to get back on track with my short movie obsession!

From Below

This deeply otherworldly short was made during one of global self isolation periods, starring it’s director Cameron Francis. He plays a secretive character trying to keep his sanity while in lock down, however the world around him is about to slip into a HP Lovecraft vivid altered state amped up with a christian end of days ,there’s nowhere to hide.

He’s used some brilliant camera angles and techniques to capture the energy of the characters, the sound effects are chilling and he might have just scared me on a few occasions. But what really caught my attention were the special effects which easily match that of the film I’m Harbinger Down (2015). I’m glad I didn’t see this while I was isolating myself.

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Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Sadly I ran out of time to get a wider reaching list together but I’ve cobbled together a handful of themed shorts this week.. The theme is HP Lovecraft and I have to point out that while I understand the importance of HPLovecraft and his position in Horror history I can’t ignore the fact he was a disgusting racist and his work leaves a horrible taste in the mouth, but he started a mythos, a mood and theme of horror that has been built on and while the bigotry only slightly trickled into this work it’s worth noting that Right Wing groups still like to idolise the whitewashing that HPL called for and therefore it’s daunting creeping into his world with blind eyes.

With that said, and I will always add my distance from the man’s attitude, these delightful shorts show how the Cthulhu mythos and worlds of unknown horrors have eventually brought people together to be puzzled over and discussed.

The Teeth of the Stars

Originally crafted in 2009 and remastered in 2020, this delightful short movie seems to have a few issues in synching but otherwise it’s a really intriguing effort. Dropping the names of Redhook, Lovecraft and mentioning Stars in the first few minutes the atmosphere is correctly set.

There are distinct Carpenter influences, in both the heavy synth soundtrack and palette in the making of this Lovecraft inspired short. A man searches for many questions in a timeline that is constantly shifting. While trying to work out why the universe is gaslighting him, he’s hot on the heels of the mystery surrounding an elusive Lovecraftian character.

Without monsters, gore or crazy special effects a chilling cerebral tale unfolds as Mark MacFarlane directs his team into an untold madness.

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Short Movie Roundup 30 May 2021

Future Boyfriend

A cheeky comedy sci-fi piece that looks at time travel and falling in love much like the bizarre romances in Terminator or What We Do in the Shadows.. A couple settle down for a romantic meal but he’s being incredibly odd, announcing to his date that he bag is on her chair and cutting up her food, she’s a bit nervous but is super keen on their relationship.

Ben Rock has a unique ability to really zoom in on this couple and their unique meal as the gent opens up about him background, he’s a career in a state funded nursing home and has looked after the aged woman and fallen in love with her, taking a one way ticket into the past to date the younger her..

Nothing can really be more romantic. But in all honesty he knows every detail of her future self, and seems to love her endlessly but this is all too much and his date walks away, but this isn’t the end. Even his 50+G phone support can’t console him ha ha! Future Boyfriend is a chuckling look into the endless possibility if we ever master time travel.

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Short Movie Roundup 23 May 2021

Unfortunately it’s going to be a short list this week, there’s been so many extra hours at work and a million hours of babysitting and something has to give 😦 unfortunately it seems to be the two things that keep me going.. movies and art. But I do what I can.

Cursed Camera

Hunter Farris has conjured up a quirky haunted camera story. In this humorous horror, any person caught in this cryptic cameras view has to stay in it’s view to stay alive. It’s good to know this before you start making a movie, unfortunately this information comes too late and the latest crew start dropping like flies.

It’s definitely a different take in the subgenre of haunted media, but there’s a dedication to making, and the film feels professional and the touch of humor helps those who try to take their horror too seriously, to step back and enjoy a movie for it’s merits. Definitely worth watching this uncomplicated but effective short with tons of character, the Exorcist meets Ghost Camera.

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Short Movie Roundup 16 May 2021


Ashton Herrild successfully manages to unwrap a cracking story in his darkly comedic short that sees a young man, now exonerated, attempt to settle into his old life, but things are that simple. The youngster was accused of killing and eating his mother, now a strict vegan , he settles into a diner seat to have lunch with his brother but he’s still under suspicion from the entire town, including his remaining family but it’s a new secret addition to the diners burgers which may hold the key as to what’s going on and it’s a resolution which is bound to cringe you out and make you smile at the same time.

There’s a brilliant vibeance to the way in which Herrild reveals the story, as it slips in and out of reality, we begin to lose perception of what’s real along with the poor lead who’s struggling to grasp what’s happened to the place that he calls home. But it’s not confusing, instead it’s ridiculous and filled with Evil Dead style giggles. It’s a layered movie, mixing shocks and laughs as the vile conclusion is slowly dealt out, but even after the reveal you’re left wanting more and I can only hope that Herrild swings back with another movie soon as this is really great stuff.

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Short Movie Roundup 11 April 2021

The Cunning man Folk Horror

An enchanting tale of a man who collects animal parts for his folk magic, based on the real story of real-life physician John Harries (1785 – 1839) and directed by ZoΓ« Dobson. There’s a masterful eye which captures the more atmospheric scenes turning this creepy horror into terrifying dark fantasy with a lot of body horror be it more of the snail variety it’s no less scary.

Blending ideas about farm life being more than just raising animals for slaughter and living more closely with the land vs the greed driven world of the city. Our silent smelly Cunning man has recently lost his beloved dog and a few animals, while those who shun him in the town just want the authorities to “deal with him” but somewhere in a locked book and magic circle there’s a greater gift than any of those city types would care to dream about.

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Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021

3 Days

In a haze of blue monochrome three women awaken inside their tent with courier noises circling them, but of course there’s something outside, it’s the great outdoors and the city girls are camping in an alien environment, but they have each other. it’s not the creepy noises which captures the audience straight away it’s their 3am conversation about life the universe and everything that earmark the the women as awesomely funny and relatable, but after a flashback the film begins to breakdown like a Christopher Nolan production bending time and realty to get to the cause of the matter, and the truth of the situation engulfs the protagonist.

Written and directed by Julie Sharbutt 3 days weaves a brilliant retrospective tale of female strength and unity, but unfortunately just at the wrong time and place, however the message is clear, be careful when you try to lose yourself to find yourself, women need to stick together and support each other or the world will prey on us individually. Such a powerful story of solidarity which stings with a certain sadness, really emotive piece. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021

Short Movie Roundup 31 January 2021

The Mannequin

I’m slowly going back through the Social House films as I find them really enthralling, the tiny team have big ideas and execute them in magnificent ways. This story is about a girl, home alone with a creepy mannequin but it doesn’t play out like your typical mannequin horror, instead there’s an addition of a Ouija board and a really aggressive mannequin, that’s what makes it twice as creepy! Someone got Aaron Fradkin a budget and lots of cool new toys. He’s successfully taken a major horror cliche and turned it into something slightly different. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 31 January 2021

Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021

Lucys Tale

A compelling coming of age drama with hints of Ginger Snaps/Carrie/The Craft about it. Chelsea Lupkin paints a convincing story around an teen outcast, Lucy who is victimised by the popular clique which is stereotypical but it’s how it’s played out which has a new twang of badass that sets it apart. There’s a magical moment at a party when Lucy is sucking face with the popular girls boyfriend, the scene slows down, romantic 60’s music is playing and in the background one of her abusers is choking to death with people scrambling around her, but this is only one of Lucy’s powers, the other strange quirks involves her temper and a tail…

For the build up, Lucy’s increasing appendages, her ability to cause accidents and nosebleeds and random choking, there’s quite a somber ending, when you think you’ve worked out what Lucy might be becoming you’ll find out it’s something completely different. A totally fresh horror that I would like to see more of, I do like the increase of monsters that aren’t quite traditional but feel like you’ve heard of them before.. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021