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Gong fen you xia / Pink Force Commando (1982)

Director:Yen-ping Chu
Starring Brigitte Lin, Sally Yeh. Taiwan.

An amazing twitter buddy reminded me of this movie, if you’ve got any interest in B-Movies then check out @cjzisi <-twitter and/or the blog for a treasure trove of amazing reviews of rare and obscure films. I had seen this many years ago but I have to admit that somehow it was somewhat mostly forgotten, so I dug out the old VHS and re watched it.. Damn how the hell did I manage to forget any of this!? Continue reading Gong fen you xia / Pink Force Commando (1982)


Double Vision (2002)


Double Vision – (Shuang Tong)  – (Drama Mystery Thriller,  2002) D: Kuo-fu Chen W: Kuo-fu-Chen, Richard Epcar  C: David Morse, Tony Leung Kai Fai. 1h 43m. Taiwan. (18)

TAGLINE : There Is Only What You Believe.

An FBI Agent pairs with a troubled Taiwan cop to hunt for a serial killer who’s embedding a mysterious fungus in the brains of victims.

This dark chiller seamlessly combines East meets West cop story with a gorey supernatural horror. Initially I picked this up expecting to see the other Tony Leung (Chiu Wai); instead I was introduced to the greatly talented Tony Leung Kai Fai, I was not disappointed by my goof.

The film at it’s heart is gloomy and supported by a good scripted intelligent storyline. It’s not unusual to see a western actor in an eastern film but it’s not usually someone of Morse’s calibur nor are they organicaly placed in the storyline both culturally and with convincing attention to the language barrier.

The twisted plot centres around a Taoist descent into hell, the mechanics are explained but the details of the crimes will still disgust and confound. Its enjoyable not only to see the unfolding layers of a great thriller but the relationships between the characters and their own individual troubles is quite enticing. As well as being beautifully shot this film elevates itself above the standard eastern ghost story by actually being a terrifying blur bewteen our world and the unknown.

Rating –  6/10



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