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Last Nights Movies 27.07.2017

I was whacked last night so back to the golden oldies, I really couldn’t feature trying to get into anything new.. So I started with

The Gift (2015)

This is actually quite a brilliant film for actor turned director, I really didn’t see something this intricate coming from Mr Edgerton, I remember it coming out around the same time as The Visit and I did pass it up as I wanted to see if M Night could pull it back but really this disturbing thriller would have been a better cinema experience. Joel co stars in his feature, playing a weak douchebag who befriends an old school buddy in order to seek revenge in strange and wonderful ways. His appearance is shushed away like the annoying kid at school even in his absence he causes cracks in the relationship and goes beyond what anyone would do for his justice. It’s dark and leads the viewer in different directions, Joel shows a lot of talent with his storytelling and his next feature Boy Erased should be equally stirring 7/10 [REVIEW] Continue reading Last Nights Movies 27.07.2017


Last night Movies 17.07.2017

It was a quiet night, I spend a bit of it pondering Romero’s career and obviously I’ll be writing a short list of my favourite films from him, trying to avoid any Zombie ones but damn that man made a huge impact and with a tiny amount of films under his belt, 20 credited to him on the IMDb but it’s not the quantity it’s the quality right. I nearly forgot how prominent a strong independent black man is to his formula.


So I got the old “of the Dead” boxset out but I just couldn’t watch any of them, I had to get my mind off from Ghouls and Zombie for a while, my twitter feed is like a rolling Romero montage at the moment, I’ve seen enough.. so I tried a golden oldie then something that’s been on the to- watch pile for a while.

30 Days of Night (2007) D: David Slade S:Josh Hartnett, Horror/Supernatural (USA) Continue reading Last night Movies 17.07.2017

Will Dracula wear a Cape again?

scars of dracula christopher lee

I’m going to attempt to broach a ridiculous question that has bothered me and probably only me for a few years now. I often spend hours on the toilet pondering if Dracula will ever return wearing a cape again.. Probably a good time to point out that these “hours” are cumulative.

More recently there seems to be a shift from Dracula movies to Vlad flicks, it’s nothing new, things often switch from one to the other as trends change, the earliest Vlad movie that I can remember was the Russian 70’s effort, Vlad Tepes (1979), I’m sure there are more but I really enjoyed this film so it gets checked. Continue reading Will Dracula wear a Cape again?

Geung Si – Rigor Mortis (2013)


Director: Juno Mak.
Starring: Chin Siu-ho Anthony Chan Kara Hui Lo Hoi-pang Paw Hee-ching. Hong Kong. 1h 41m.

A detailed and superb Hong Kong film directed by Juno Mak, is a tribute to the Mr Vampire (1985+) series and features many of the same actors.

A formerly successful actor Chin Siu-ho (the star of Mr Vampire), becomes depressed and suicidal when he wife leaves him. He moves into a run down apartment and soon after his welcoming ceremony he decides to hang himself, but as he’s losing consciousness a pair of twin ghosts possess his body. Yau, a retired vampire hunter breaks in, cuts him down and exorcises the spirits from Chin’s body. Continue reading Geung Si – Rigor Mortis (2013)

Strange Blood (2015)

strange blood

Strange Blood  (Horror,  2015) (18) D: Chad Michael Ward W: Pearry Reginald Teo (story) P:  C: Robert Brettenaugh, Alexandra Bard, James Adam Lim. 1h 20m. USA.

Synopsis : When a brilliant but obsessive scientist goes to extremes to develop a universal cure for all disease, he finds himself infected with a bizarre parasite that begins to transform him into a bloodthirsty madman. Time running out, he must find a way to stop the monster that is growing within and prevent the rest of the world from being “cured.”

Fear the cure.

All hail the new flesh! If David Cronenberg was going to make a vampire film then it would be something like this, but on a much larger scale possibly with hordes of infected people running around.  Strange blood is a low budget attempt at showing us the horrors that sometimes come disguised as a scientific blessing. Blending science and mythology, this film successfully depicts a deep raw worship of an alien being, something akin to Existenz (1999), Tetsuo Body Hammer (1992) or even Hardware (1990) while keeping a firm foot on the daddy didn’t love me backstory.
Starting out fresh and curious the film is full swing in the laboratory,  no need for a achievement montage,  the experiment is a success!! Unfortunately the blob gets a little hostile similar to Ginger and Fred in Splice (2009) and attacks doctor?? Assuming It was a one-off attack and that he’s totally ok he carries on with the experiment, during this time his student falls in love with him and attempts to start  a relationship but the pathogen running through his blood from his experiment starts to transform him mentally first into a unemotional beast. Continue reading Strange Blood (2015)

Scars of Dracula (1970)

scars of dracula christopher lee

Director: Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Christopher Lee, Dennis Waterman, Jenny Hanley, UK. 1h 36m

This is one of my favourite Hammer Horrors and possibly one of my favourite Dracula films with Christopher Lee at the helm, mostly because he’s such an asshole in this film.

Starting with a double cross, the peasants are revolting  against their oppressor, the dark lord Dracula who has terrorised them for too long. They hightail it up to the castle and after an encounter with the rough and well trained Igor, style character Klove (Patrick Troughton) they break in and start fucking the place up, meanwhile Dracula has already headed down to the village and eaten all their wives and children!! Bwahaaa! The revolting villagers make their way home to find the local church a mess of bodies and blood and meekly carry on with their lives with a bitterness in their hearts. The film takes a lighthearted turn as it shows Paul (Christopher Matthews) a young bed hopping playboy who is always on the run from one conquest to another, and after a quick visit to his brother Simon (Dennis Waterman) and his lover Sarah (Jenny  Hanley) he becomes a prisoner in Castle Dracula. Simon and Sarah travel in search of the missing Paul and are soon shunned into the open arms of Dracula…

There is so much to really love about this film, it has the typical Hammer depth in story with the odd twist and great build up to the proper meeting with Dracula. I really love how he stands for no shit in this film, his concubine fucks up once and his shanks her without any question, leaving the body for Igor to clean up later on, a task he carries out as if nothing, cutting up the body and dissolving it in acid while robbing it of any goodies and cleaning the room for the next victim. I’ve been a fan of Patrick Troughton for some time, his contributions to horror films usually goes unnoticed but he’s developed a lot of characters with ease.
Most of the elements of Hammer are at work here, romance, thrills, horror, bats on strings and gallant hero’s, in a way you could say it’s run of the mill, but it’s Hammer so it has many charms, and for one it’s quite brutal for this niche style, and I think this rare harshness is a credit. Lee doesn’t have much on screen time, but as expected he doesn’t have to in order to make the character very distinguished, after all he pretty much reinvented Dracula after Lugosi hung up his cloak and by this time had it firmly in his grasp. Waterman was one of the most bizarre members of the cast, and this might be one of the only performances that he didn’t contribute to musically as well…

It’s ingenious, tense and quite a thrilling chase with a few laughs thrown in. A brilliant lavish addition to the Vampire legacy that Hammer produced in it’s golden years.




Rating 7/10

R – All other movie from the Dracula series, I aint naming them all.. Ok Dracula 1958 The Brides of Dracula (1960) The Brides of Dracula 1960 Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) Dracula: Prince of Darkness 1966 Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968) Dracula Has Risen from the… 1968 Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Taste the Blood of Dracula 1970
L -Selected Hammer Horror Movies, Dracula Movies
A – Hammer Horror Real Revival, Fake Bats on Strings and when Props Don’t matter.
5B – Christopher Lee, Patrick Troughton

Dracula Untold  (2014)

dracula untold

Director: Gary Shore
Writer: Matt Sazama (screenplay)
Starring: Luke Evans, Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon. USA.  1h 32m.

There has been a massive side step from the traditional Dracula story into an historical retelling of the Vlad story. This often becomes a massive tapestry of middle European history involving Turks, massive wars and political strategies, from a dynasty long forgotten. Despite this being the making of lavish movies it rarely brings an element of horror until Dracula unbound. While these other movies that are primarily B movies, lack the ability to branch out financially on special effects but nevertheless tell an interesting story Dracula untold director Gary Shore had millions his trousers for his debut movie that fail to make anything entertaining instead we end up with a Disney Style romantic drama presented viper Castlevania game advert and I’m not quite sure which one is worse. Continue reading Dracula Untold  (2014)

Nadja (1994)


Director: Michael Almereyda
Writer: Michael Almereyda
Starring: Elina Lowensohn, Peter Fonda, Nic Ratner, David Lynch. USA. 1h 33m.

Taking on all the style and charm of a music video from the primary band in the soundtrack Portishead this chillaxed surreal vampire film starts off in curious way but evolves into something very familiar. This delicate black and white melodic drama follows the aftermaths of the death of an aged vampire, and the coming of age and awakening of his two children, Nadja (Elina Lowensohn) and her brother Edgar (Jarred Harris) while being hunted by professor Van Helsing and his hapless assistant. Continue reading Nadja (1994)

Vampyr– Der Traum des Allan Grey – Vampire: the Dream of Allan Grey (1932)


quickflick-1.jpgI’ve been meaning to re watch this classic for a number of years, I remember watching it when I was likkle and not really understanding what it was all about and being black and white I don’t think my brain could really process what was going on.

So it was on the to purchase an watch list, and I finally made it there and I feel that I’ve cheated myself. It’s utter perfection, the frivolity of the light and dark shadows, the imaginative camera work and effects, blending in shadows and, mystical dream sequences all depicting the haunting nature of the vampire.  Before the myth was funnelled into Dracula or sexy vampires this falls into the category of folklore and when you go back to our more primal fears surrounding monsters things tend to be more eerie.

Carl Theodor Dreyer entertains a more nightmarish experience and doesn’t focus in on the vampire herself but instead the effects of vampirism. There are a lot of strange occult experiences going on in this film, originally penned by Sheridan La Fanu, who also brought us Camilla and In a Glass Darkly. It’s hard not to connect this with other classics like Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920)  just due to the spectacular visuals but everything is much softer, almost playful like a fairy-tale but with a very dark story.

Originally written as a gothic novel it has all of toys firmly in the pram and chucks none away, coffins, skeletons, bats, ghosts, long black dresses, this is really what it was about. To be honest this film doesn’t even need a story it’s just brilliant enough to watch, and if you ever get the chance.. watch it with the soundtrack made by a band called Year of No LIght, there is a version on the tube but buy the album and play the two together.. it will blow your mind.


Full review coming soon…

The Lost Boys (1987)


Day 12 of 31


The Lost Boys  (Comedy, Horror,  1987) (15) D: Joel Schumacher W: Jan fischer, James Heremias +   C: Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne West, bernard Hughes, Edward Herrmann, Keifer Sutherland, Kami Getz, Corey Fieldman, Jamison Newlander, Billy Wirth, Brooke McCarter, Alex Winter. 1h 37m. USA.

Synopsis : After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires.

TAGLINE : Sleep all day, Party all night, Never grow old, Never die, It’s fun to be a vampire.

A slightly peculiar and spectacular vamp flick that drags the cloak off the old count and turns the charismatic seductive vampire of the past into a hot sexy leather clad hunks.

It’s hard to avoid linking this movie to the classic Bram Stoker novel that gave us huge insight into what we understand as Vampire folklore, but it’s also impossible not to mention the many similarities to another classic novel, Peter Pan. The boys are lost and will never grow up and are looking to invite other young hopefuls to be part of their little gang, the lost boys. The major difference is that these guys hang out in an amusement park and eat people.

While the attempt here is to be a horror movie, there is also a strong comedy element but really what the film achieves is updating the vampire ideology and making vamps sexy again for a new generation. No more counts trapped in castles riding in horse drawn coaches, these outcasts ride motorbikes and listen to the all the best tunes.

Starting out with a backdrop of Santa Cruz accompanied by Echo and the Bunnymen People are Strange, the film introduces the family that are now moving into the pleasantly daubed Murder Capital, Michael (Jason Patric) his little brother (Corey Haim) and their lovely mother Lucy (Diane West) move in with the rustic taxidermy enthusiast Grandpa (Bernard Hughes) makes friends with the Frog Brothers who run a comic shop, mum gets a job at a video store owned by Max (Edward Herrmann) and Michael falls in love with Star (Jami Gertz) and gets involved with the Lost Boys then things take a turn for the worse. Michael gets infected by the vampire virus and has to  save himself and his family from a coven of vamps and the curse.

A lot of the movie just literally sets the scene of the coolest place on earth for any teenager, all day sun, comic and video stores on an amusement arcade and hot guys, great music and parties all the time, this place is literally never never land. But obviously there is something very sinister here, the hot guys just happen to be literally on the wild side.

Along with all the cool attractive attractions the next biggest theme is the father figure, the boys are lost, the new kids on the block are moving with only their mother from what seems a messy divorce and everyone is lacking a father. See this is what happens to single moms your kids will fall in with a crowd of vampires! You’ve been warned.

If i had to sum the movie up in a few scenes one would be the epic montage of the frog brothers and the young Corey arming up to fight the blood sucking vampires. The Frog Brothers have suspicions that their are vampires active in the town and are self proclaimed vampire hunters, gaining most of their knowledge from comic books. They assume to have found the leader of the vampires and aim to kill them to free Michael from the curse so they arm up with super soakers filled with holy water from the local church during a christening and lots of other amusing makeshift weapons in a Goonies style.

Another scene that really captures the essence of the movie is when Michael first falls in love with Star at a gig on the beach one night, while following her and trying to get his love thang on he’s suddenly confronted with the lost boys who are all lush and fine looking, asserting their dominance over Star and using peer pressure to shaming Michael into joining them.

Where are the police? throughout the whole film, you’ll notice missing children either on the boardwalk or on milk cartons and there is one brief altercation with a fat officer near the  but all of the sleuthing and justice is all dealt with by the Frog Brothers with help from everyone.

For some reason the name Michael is said 118 times..  Now i know he’s one of the characters and is quite pivotal but FFS!

Music plays a huge part in this new chapter of blood suckers, while the theme track Cry Little Sister is haunting with a choir backing the rest of the soundtrack is from the MTV alternative including Run DMC, the Doors/Echo and the Bunnyman and INXS to name a few, songs that pretty much go with the look and feel of the boys themselves.

Everyone comes across as a kool kat, there will be no oscars for the acting here but it will suffice. For me the best actor award would go to Grandpa as his scenes are probably the best, short but so very sweet. The best try awards would go to Kiefer and Jason. The development of these two pivotal characters was enhanced by these two talented young actors. This was the first film that the two Coreys did together and kicked off their lifelong friendship.There seems to be four generations at battle, Corey and the frog brothers,  trying to be grown ups and dicking around, Michael,  star and the lost boys

Joel Schumacher directed this horror soon after St Elmo’s Fire (1985) where a group of college kids are trying to deal with being young adults fresh out of school, this twins with other films such as the Breakfast Club (1985) and Pretty in Pink. (1986)  The lost boys is a darker and more sinister group of individuals who are trying to deal with their own personal dilemma in a group. Despite taking on a horror movie after something as jovial as St Elmo, its no wonder that Lost Boys isn’t all that scary, in fact its hard to be scary where there are so many hot guys on the screen most of the time.

Moral of the story… I dunno.. don’t stray with the wild boys? Definitely don’t drink from an unmarked bottle and when it doubt always take advice from comic books! On a serious side the movie deals more with the tragic effects of broken families and the need to be within a group or family. I have to say that’s bullshit but the message is there.

Lost boys is definitely the horror film that your girlfriend is bound to know and be willing to watch, if you’re a fan of the 80’s it will bring back some memories and thrill you throughout.

The film works on many levels, the dynamics between the two brothers the rivalry with Michael and the gang, the motherly care and all of the “cool” stuff too, even the little twist at the end is pretty neat, but what doesn’t work is the horror. The film isn’t really all that scary, the kill scenes are a little lame but they get the story across and are more enjoyable than anything freaky.

VThis was one of those films I grew up with and it probably influenced me more than I will admit. It’s almost an unwritten law that to be one of the goth kids you have to appreciate this film. It really did open up the modernization of a lot of the old style gothic tales, sadly no one manages to make it this hot and this perfect again but it’s good to aim high, every now and again someone comes close.


Rating: 8/10

RFright Night (1985), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) ,Near Dark (1987) , Skinwalkers (2006), American Werewolf in London (1981), Streets of Fire (1984) , The Crow (1994)

L:Selected Vamp Films, Modern Vampire movies