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The Hills Have Eyes (1977)


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Hill Have Eyes (2)

The Hills Have Eyes  (Horror, Thriller,  1977) (18) D: Wes Craven W: Wes Craven  C: Janus, Blythe, Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Dee Wallace, Robert Houston, Martin Speet, James Whitworth, Michael Berryman. 1h 29m. USA.

Synopsis : On the way to California, a family has the misfortune to have their car break down in an area closed to the public, and inhabited by violent savages ready to attack.

TAGLINE : Wes Craven’s classic original!

As one of the more memorable exploitation movies from the 1970’s , bringing together fears over nuclear weapons and our beloved bloodthirsty rednecks.

Crazy head hunters stalking people in wilderness may seem like a fictional story, this is actually based on true events. Sawney Beane and his family who were a feral clan  who roamed the highlands of Scotland in the early 1400’s, where they captured, tormented and ate several transients. The execution of the family involved such brutal tortures that inspired the Carter family’s vicious revenge. Family and the lack of a family,  plays a huge part in this film.

Hill Have Eyes (1)Almost leading on from Last House on the Left (1972), it seems that Wes managed to fine tune the plot a little and reverse some roles, whereas the family were pretty remote, he moves this family to an off the map location where help in totally impossible. Everything is just a step further away from any sense of security. While the movie is still just as raw and unsettling it does push a different set of limits and still has very little disregard for the family.

The Carter family go on a road trip and things are pretty easy going, but then suddenly the film takes a curious turn when their car breaks down, they camp up thinking that it’s just a minor delay and a simple fix, but the tension starts to grow in the movie until a huge pivotal scene where the family are soon descended upon by a group so violent savages who have had practice in stalking and attacking in this way before. As the movie continues the most vulnerable members of the family soon have to man up in order to overcome their worst nightmares and be fearless in order to survive.

Hill Have Eyes (3)The theme of this movie is quite similar to some of the olde headhunter stories often presented in comic books, the styles, even though it’s very much all in the same taste as any early Craven movie has a lot of influence from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and it even uses from of the props from that movie set. As a majority of the film is quite heavy bearing it is lightened, there are some great family comedy moments that almost cushion the blow, strangely there are tons of references to “Human French Fries” and other cannibalism quips.

At times it feels like there is almost an age old family feud going on (as old as those hills),  you’ve got the well to do family, with all their airs and graces who are suddenly encroached upon by some revolting peasants (so to speak). Obviously due to the chronic differences in the characters of each family they visually appear different, but also the scripts for each has vast contrast. Scenes with the mountain family are much more dynamic, louder and more energetic.

Hill Have Eyes (4)The lack of a decent soundtrack is disturbing but a decent score on the low budget makes up for that, but it would have taken a similar route as Devils Rejects (2005) with a strong country based OST.

There is a lot of solid acting in this movie, considering some of the costumes and effects for the feral family were a little tacky. It was all managed really well; Dee Wallace was radiant as the older daughter (Lynn) and didn’t have to act when face to face with a tarantula as she was genuinely petrified. The film had the added bonus of having Michael Berryman playing the role of Pluto with his distinctive features and versatility, while the role almost finalised his typecasting it did raise him to the horror icon that he is today. The leading roles were mostly masculine with Bobby (Robert Houston) looking after his sister while the supposed weakling Doug (Martin Speer) changes from modern day metro into primal bad guy while out hunting to save his baby daughter.

Craven has always has this immense edge in his story writing and direction that can cause a lot of people to feel uncomfortable. This film is very unsettling and very raw with it’s approach. It’s quite odd to think that the version we know and love today has the happier ending, if you can call it that, but Wes did have even more upset in store for us.As this frightening esert trip has to be put together on a shoestring, Craven and his team had to improvise where they could, running around the desert chasing down rattlesnakes and collecting road kill to pose as dead animals.

This certainly was a pioneering movie into putting a lot of people of travelling on the unmarked roads. Definitely a nail in the coffin for hillbillies and rednecks alike. Hill Have EyesBeing slightly more of a tea time terror as far as the effects and violence is concerned, the film is littered with unsettling themes, without trying to give too much away, they are regarding the loss of family members and having to use their corpses as props in order to survive. Otherwise it’s a pretty fun flick.

The films works as a terrific violent horror, the only let down would be the abrupt ending, now I’m not discrediting the ending at all it’s a primal burst of energy that is well deserved, but I think there could have been a little more fiennes.

V: While it will always remain one of the granddaddies of video nasties that has inspired a host of movies, including a rare decent remake. I always love watching this film for it’s  direct no shits given approach to gorey horror. There are a few scenes that will never be easy to watch, and after all these years it really does stand the test of time.


Rating: 8/10

R: Deliverance (1972) ,Hills Have Eyes ®(2006), Last House On The Left (1972), The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) Timber Falls (2007).

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News! September 2015

This has been a long time coming!! I’ve been trying to keep a list of updates and changes to the blog over the last month, so this is a recap of all the shizz that went down in September.

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Started up a new section it’s currently called VS! I was going to call it movie battles but this first post had nothing to do two movies batting it out but instead more to do with a single character so for now it shall be known and VS but it might change. If you have any ideas of any VS’s you’d like to see me add then please contact me by commenting on this post. So far the posts include a head to head battle of Pyramid Head against himself.


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5 Selected

I’ve got a few of these in the pipeline but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to jump on the RIP bandwagon and the first “5 Selected” post of the month is dedicated to the late great Wes Craven. I’m working on a list of great Hutger Hauer movies, lemme know what you’d expect to see on the list.


New reviews are on the site which include

  • We are Still Here (2015) – a dark ad smoldering classic horror, with intelligent use of gore and great suspense throughout, with a twist of Silent Hill.
  • X Ray / Hospital Massacre  (1981) – a lesser known hospital themed slasher that’s worth a watch especially if you like a whodunit
  • Lords of London  (2014) – strangely has nothing to do with London.. or lords!?



During august I managed to lose my movie book, yes i have a movie book, I keep it by my side while I’m watching films and think of movie lists, and pencil down reviews and article I intend to write about. I also list everything that i watch, keep ratings and plan this blog. So with the missing book I dunno what’s going on.

After finding my movie book I’ve managed to update the monthly lists.. I will get some more interesting lists published very soon.


I’ve been working on a few shorts but a few of them were a little hard to get pictures for, finally managed to update the following.

  • Lot 254 – A possessed auction find or just a trick of the light?
  • Predator Dark Ages – Long awaited kick-stater film based around a medieval visit from our favourite alien


Post Discussions

POST DISCUSSION – Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) A in depth look into another weird and wonderful Cohen brothers movie.

With most of the year gone I’m going to have to start looking closely at a couple of lists, firstly my Selected films of 2015 and Selected films I watched in 2015. The difference being that the latter will include movies from other years that I’ve only just discovered. The stand out movie will be the Duke of Burgundy (2014).

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31 Days of Halloween

I’m aiming to do a 31 of my favourite horror movies, in some slight order, I’ve been penning notes and as I totally missed the opportunity last year this year will be pretty easy, I’m trying to include a range of films, black and white, classic, and obviously from the entire globe.

Yep! wish me luck!!