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Where the sidewalks ends (1950)

where the sidewalk ends dana

Det Sgt Mark Dixon (Dana Andrews) just wants to be like his father,a decent upstanding member of the community and a good cop but he’s got some anger management problems and isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to enforce his own personal justice which gets him into all sorts of trouble.

The intro is brilliant, very clever use of names written on the sidewalk while a pair of feet stroll around, The film starts out simple, Dixon is a hot head, goes after a criminal and fucks everything up by killing the suspect by one banging him in the head, he scapers and then has to investigate the crime while trying not to incriminate himself and while trying to seduce Morgan (Gene Tierney). Continue reading Where the sidewalks ends (1950)

October 2015 Film List

A fairly busy moth and I manged to cram quite a few films in, although I didn’t mange to finish my Halloween Horror film list.. nevermind I will get it done ASAP.

Liam Walpole in The Goob

*The Goob 8/10
Serial Killer Cannibals
Devil in the woods
UFC 192
*Southpaw 6/10
*Anamorph 6/10
*Badges of Fury 1/10
*Blade in the dark 6/10
Mad max
*Henry and June 8/10
I Frankenstein

undisputed-iii-redemption-2010-movie-720p.jpgMad Max
*LA Takedown 10/10
The Punisher
Resident EVil
*Trip with Teacher 6/10
*Broken horses 7/10
*Vatican Tapes 7/10
LA Takedown
The Blob
Blade 2
*My own private Idaho 3/10
Usual Suspects
*Christmas Icetastrophe 3/10
*Out of the Furnace 7/10
*Operator 6/10
Plunder Road
Out of the Furnace
Molly hartley*The Exorcism of Molly Hartley 3/10
*Rey Meyers Northern 9/10
*Infini 4/10
*Dead Lands 8/10
*House of 7 corpses 7/10
Dead Lands
Wyrmwood ROTD
Dead Lands
Last Vegas
The Thing
VHS viral
*Control 6/10
*The Impaler 2/10
*Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 5/10
jaws*The Dunwich Horror 3/10
*Attack on Titan 6/10
Dead Lands
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Fly 2
*The Visit 7/10
*Cop Car 7/10
*Where the sidewalk ends 9/10
*Escobar – Paradise Lost 7/10
Mad Max
House of 1000 Corpses
Paradise Lost
Bram Stokers Dracula
Big Trouble LIttle China
Welcome to the Punch
Mr Jones
*Aftermath Trilogy 9/10
Mad Max

Total 79

New 29
Best – Where the Sidewalk ends
Worst – Badges of Fury


  • Escobar – Paradise Lost
  • LA Takedown
  • Henry and June
  • Broken Horses
  • The Goob
  • Dead Lands

Badges of fury