Warlock III : End of Innocence (1999)

Director: Eric Freiser

Starring: Bruce Payne, Ashley Laurence, Boti Bliss, Angel Boris, Paul Francis, Rick Hearst, Jan Schweiterman . USA . 1h 34m

I only discovered there was a third installment of Warlock about 10 years after it had been released, maybe because it was a direct to DVD release or possibly because no one was talking about it, cos it just wasn’t up to par with the first two films.

You can tell when a film has no budget as the sets and locations shrink down to a minimum, and this one house film is incredibly dull and quite boring.

Seemingly inspired by the now cult classic Warlock theme, an enchanted and highly determined Warlock who travels through time to be reborn and usher in the new beginning by raising Satan, originally the films see the Warlock travelling the world getting into all kinds of hijinx, tricking and slaughtering as he goes, but it’s down theatrics now…

A young woman, Kris (Laurence) finds she’s inherited an old spooky mansion, she takes a trip out to investigate the new home, with her lover  Michael (Francis) and best friends Scott (Hearst) and Lisa (both sadomasochist) , Jerry the stoner (Schweiterman) and Robin in tow.

The settle into the dark location and while the stoner is attempting to fix some pipes he manages to release the Warlock who brusts from the pipes as liquid, the stoner just puts this down to a strange trip and doesn’t mention it. Now set free, the Warlock realises that Kris was born on a blue moon and has the potential of being the mother of Satan if he knocks her up in some ritual, you can tell that by this time I was already bored, he mythology just wasn’t as gripping as it’s was so far from any tradition. At least in the original warlock some of the folklore was “real” in the sense there are old texts about witches causing horses to sweat and turning milk, but all these connections to real folklore are abandoned for fruitless fantasy.

Mr Warlock masquerades as an Architect trying to help Kris with their new property, a historian turns up who has the potential letting the secret of her birth out so the Warlock dispatches him half with magic and for once he gets his hands dirty and rips out his throat. Generally the film is a lot of talk and cheese effects, reflections in mirrors doing odd things, someone gets turned to glass and shattered, but mostly it’s windows 97 effects at their best, and SO So so so much talking.


It’s a missed opportunity to have a revival of classic 90’s horror and a let down for the trilogy. Having Julian Sands back in the helm would have amped the film but having an equality devilishly handsome slicked back blonde Brit with an aristocratic sense about them is good, but just not the same or very convincing, if he has added some of the moxy he showed in Howling VI : the Freaks (1991) then we would have a show, but even near the end of the movie when the Warlock starts to take on a more devilish appearance the performance is still one that’s easily forgettable.

Ashley Laurence hasn’t really progressed much past her role in Hellraiser (1987), but she’s definitely one of the more solid members of the cast, but the overall atmosphere and setting is much more attuned for any other ghostly horror it’s just not Warlock-esque.


Rating: 2 /10

R:Warlock (1989) Prowl (2010), Howling VI : the Freaks (1991),  Warlock 2 – the Armageddon (1993)

L:Witches are Bitches, Part 3? Kill Me!,

5s:Bruce Payne, Ashley Laurence




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