3 Short DON’T Horror films

Often in horror movies there is some kind of  instruction, like Don’t go into the house (1979) and in the case of Nightmare of Elm Street (1984) Don’t ever sleep again..

So here are 3 short horror films with some more rules on what you shouldn’t do.


This is quite a compelling short movie which captured my imagination, a teenage girl is being teased by her brother, when she noticed a man standing outside her house, he’s in a disheveled suit with a bag and chains over his head, her father warns her not to look away and that he’s on his way to help her. Not really taking the advice she asks her brother to watch the creature while she locks the doors, as her brother is a massive douche but on returning she can no longer see the man but her brother still can, where has HER spectre gone? What’s going on?? Hopefully daddy is on his way to rescue these lovelies soon.

For a short movie it’s made well and the acting is fairly natural, the concept of this ghoul like character who reminded me of something that could have cropped up in Thirteen Ghosts (1960/2001). It has a great urban legend feel to it and with some working I reckon this could make a decent horror.. I think I just want to know how this creature came about really..



I’m sensing a theme right now! So in this shorter film a guy is watching an amazing YouTube video when his friend arrives, he offers to watch the film with him but he’s gotta take a piss, but he warns the guy to “Don’t Look” but he does, that’s how horror films work right… you walk towards the blood and screaming.

The ending is a little bit predictable but it’s a charming Creepypasta like film.  Well short and decent acting too, it’s a shame there’s not a lot of depth to it but I enjoyed it.




I’ve saved the best till last, this Don’t film is incredible and it’s easy to see why it’s won so many awards. The film starts at a pivotal point oh a devastating evening,the spinning camera settles on a bloody ouija board and a corpse, a single glass, probably being used as a planchette is constantly spinning  while the occupants of the room are motionless. A dark spectre is moving in the room as the friends whisper to each other form separate locations in the home. Between the growling and creepy ghost trying to coax them into moving one of the girls switches on the stereo, another girl makes a break for the door but she trips, the spectre rushes her and destroys her…how on earth are the others going to escape??

This short film has quite a compelling backstory that slowly emerges from between the bloodshed, and turns out to be a much better film than a lot of full length big budget horrors that I’ve seen in a long time, and I love the ending..

It might also be worth mentioning another set of short films I reviewed which included a chillin short entitled Don’t Look Directed by Tim Windolf and starring Lennart Malcolm



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