Exhibit A (2007)

Director: Dom Rotheroe
Starring: Bradley Cole, Brittany Ashwood, Angela Forrest, Oliver Lee. UK. 1h 25m

The allure behind Exhibit A is getting an insight in the raw details behind the case of a brutal family annihilation case. While Dom Rotheroe and curated a really authentic feeling found footage movie on an independant budget I feel that story is lacking a genuine USP. I personally felt cheated, thought I’d missed some fine detail, but after re watching the movie, I had to step back and look at it with fresh eyes, so often found footage relies on adding a touch of creepy paranormal or something sly and devious into the mix to make the voyeuristic audience shudder with fear and delight. Exhibit A doesn’t bend to those rules, and doesn’t really go anywhere into the deep waters of the typical Found Footage Horror, however if the systematic psychological breakdown of a middle england family is your thing then step in.

Film’s driving force of the movie is to be a fly on the wall styled insight into the slow demise of one man’s sanity and the knock on volatile effect on his family. What usually happens in the found footage genre is that there’s some unexplained additions and without any intention of spoiling this full movie, is that you already know the entire plot and there are absolutely no juicy extras, leaving a dry taste in the mouth of any enthusiast. Dom Rotheroe builds a convincing family, nothing too perfect but with a touch of direction and handling of subject matter

The camera never lies…

This dry story steamrollers it’s characters as it tumbles through it’s narrative, but despite it’s novel approach to an unsuspecting family dynamic, it fails to bring anything new to the Found Footage subgenre. Even if it’s not high octane and totally thrilling every second of run time, it is, a little slow paced but so very systematic, you’ll not be able to find any plot holes to god through and any criticism will be personal as everything else is quite spot on.. but the flavor is academic more than strange and wonderful, which is the common approach for found footage, techniques are applied to make the normal word more surreal and magical, but exhibit A remains firmly grounded in the cold hard light of day.

“Come and have a dance with Andy”
-Andy King

Maybe I am being picky about expecting more? Not all Found Movies have to be the next breakthrough new monster film, instead this is used as a video blog of a terrifying account that could really happen but the genre has been driven by the fantastical so much that this just doesn’t feel complete, but it is very unique.

Rating: 2/10

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