Spotlight – Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace is one of my favourite ladies of horror, while a shrinking violet of a character she’s often overlooked for her contributions to horror. Often starring with her husband Christopher Stone (RIP), she has thrilled audiences with her great acting and made several cameos usually playing a sweet wife or mother. Personally I’d have preferred to see her as the mother in Lost Boys (1987) as she plays the perfect horror mother so well.

05.The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Playing a small part in this cult classic horror, Dee appears as the sensible elder daughter Lynne and mother to a young baby in Wes Craven’s ultimate family trip into hell. She manages to really pull out all the stops in this horrific mutated horror set in a desolate part of the American Desert.There is an epic scene which sees a lot of violence and Dee is one of the pivotal actors. She emotive in his role, and very convincing, Craven really managed to get the most out of all of his cast in this groundbreaking new wave of horror.

04.Popcorn (1991)

Dee is the perfect mother of horror, she seems to fit into these roles perfectly, the calming voice and pleasant mannerisms makes her the perfect mother of any horror chick on the way to the cinema night of hell. In this cult classic Dee tries to protect her daughter from a crazed killer who has started stalking her, trying not reveal a lot about the past she steps up to sacrifice herself to the mad man  but man men cannot simply be stopped in this manner and carnage is on the cards. 7/10


Yet again Dee is the ever loving mother, but in this comedy/horror/scifi adventure she has to protect her children and injured husband from Crites, small space villains who resemble hedgehogs but armed with razor sharp teeth, a cruel sense of humor they terrorise the Brown family on the Kansas ranch until help comes. Dee does her thing, starting out nice as pie and ending up as a vengeful mother with a shotgun who starts to lose her shit as she toughens up. It’s not really her crowning glory but a prime example of her doing her best in a b movie and pulling it off with style. 6/10

02.Cujo (1983)

Dee is back with her husband as her lover, in this creature feature. After being exposed as an adulterer,  her husband leaves her, in the meantime a friendly giant st. Bernard dog, Cujo has been turned rabid by bat bite. Donna (Dee), ends up stuck in her broken down car in Cujos front yard frightened and alone while being constantly attacked by a tank of a dog. She’s perfect for the role, she’s so scattered at the beginning,  fragile and hurt, the screaming and motherly instinct displayed the car is both heartbreaking and powerful. All round great classic horror at it’s best and a another sterling performance from Dee.


01.Howling (1981)

One of the best Werewolf movies from the 1980’s. Combining (in equal amounts) a great story with groundbreaking special effects the result is this cultclassic.Dee plays alongside her then,  real husband Christopher Stone as a timid big city girl news reporter,  the most she see’s of nature is in the zoo. Then Eddie (Robert Picardo) a creepy stalker starts to contact her trying to introduce her to the wild, after a strange altercation in a dodgy video shop she is invited to go to the “retreat” a city girl out in nature for the first discovers the most extreme call of the wild. Dee is a wonderful and beautiful lead in the creative scary film. A proper contrast of the evil Marsha (Elisabeth Brooks) RIP.  8/10

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