Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)

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Director : Sam Raimi
Starring: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie Wesley, Richard Domeier. USA. 1h 24m

I can’t stress enough how basic this review is going to be. I’m sure there have been books written about this film as  it’s one of the most iconic horror movies of all time. I honestly couldn’t sing it’s praises enough in just one review but feel that it’s essential for this years 2016 31 Days of Horror.

I’ll blow your butts to kingdom come

There is something totally unreal about the Evil Dead 2, it really is funnier, scarier and better than the first indie movie, which in its own rites was actually an amazing film in it’s own rights. The original flick featured a group of teens going into the woods and accidentally summoning demons that possess and destroy them, the second film picks up from where the first ended, which is rare, but Ash (Bruce Campbell) has been plagued and hunted by the demons that were unleashed in the first movie, and is unable to escape and is slowing being tormented into madness and goes through temporary moments of possession. After being attacked and bitten by the undead Linda, Ash has to cut off his infected hand. The original professor’s daughter Annie (Sarah Berry) and her academic partner Ed are making their way to the cabin when they realise that the road is “blocked” it’s actually folded the fuck up, but they get Jake and Bobby Jo to give them a lift on an alternative route, by the time they arrive at the cabin, Ash has reached a new low or high depending on how you look at it, his rogue possessed hand is running amok, and he’s satin the middle of a room laughing along with the soft furnishings.  They have to duck as Ash initially thinks they are the hoards of the evil dead, and they think he’s a murderer but eventually differences are put aside, ash received a chainsaw hand replacement and together the group battle the Evil Dead.


I’ve never been interested in Comedy Horror but this gonzo film would be so gut wrenching without the amazing blend of dark and twisted humor, yet it seems to blend the two so well it’s literally funny as fuck while retaining it’s scary nature. The other strange factor about this film is that it’s more of a diabolical remake of the first movie as well as being a sequel, it feels as it Ash is trapped in a cycle of finding the cabin and unleashing  the maniacal demons. Each attack is varied and it’s clear that Raimi  is obsessed with traditional methods of special effects, utilizing puppetry and stop motion to create freaky monsters. Bruce Campbell is stunning in this film with his chin and rubbery features, this was at the stage of his career where he has a ton of energy and teamed with the brilliant and perverse mind of Raimi they developed not only unique and brilliant characters but a creepy surreal atmosphere  that titters on the edge of sanity. The situations are crazy and unbelievable, the atmosphere is spooky and there is no respite from the crazy evil shit going on, this really is a hell ride roller coaster that never lets up.

We are the things that were and shall be again! Aha ha ha! Spirits of the book! We want what is your; LIFE! Dead by dawn. Dead by dawn!

evil dead 2 ash campbell

There is a unique method of storytelling here, it feels like a fairy story but it’s much more fucked up than that, this nightmare fueled plot is enhanced by a zany cast who seemed very willing to be put to their limits and their efforts paid off, sadly it was only Bruce who gained cult status but I don’t think the rest of the cast have really been forgotten… have they??  But between the possessed hand flipping the bird at it’s previous owner, flying eyeballs, chainsaw massacres, that unknown thing that chased ash back to the cabin and laughing furniture Evil Dead is not something to take too serious but for me despite the fun and amusing gore there is a terrifying undertone. The wit is sharp and the one liners are perfect and unforgettable

I cannot find a single thing wrong with this film, it’s absolute pure gold and as much as I don’t do recommendations I really do believe this is a staple of the horror genre,  you don’t has to like it but it HAS to be seen.




Rating 10/10

R Evil Dead (1981), Army of Darkness (1993), Cabin in the Woods (2011),
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5s – Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi
Vs – Evil Dead Vs Evil Dead 2 Vs Army of Darkness
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