10 Great films from 1975 Volume 1

01.Jaws (1975)

Cult Creature Feature that really struck the fear of sharks into modern man. This delightful story of man vs beast see’s three very different characters with diverse agendas having to club together to defeat an unusually large and cunning Great White Shark, as if they aren’t dangerous enough, Jaw’s ups the game toppling man down the food chain. Without all the drama and love affairs from the book by Bletchley , Spielberg managed to craft a lengthy adventure film with lots of horror. 10/10

02.One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (1975)

An interesting insight into the world of mental health care in 70’s America. Jack Nicholson tries to find an easy route back to world via a mental institution where he insists that the crazies should take over the asylum. And if it wasn’t for his arch rival Nurse Ratchet, he might have got away with it.  Dark undercurrents run wild in this engrossing drama with lots of comedic antics. 10/10

03.A Boy and his dog (1975)

This brilliant post-apocalyptic film stars Don Johnson as Vic who is a energetic teenager who’s traversing the desert with his telepathic dog called Blood. Vic is seduced and separated from his dog by the daughter of the leader of an underground cult, everything seems pretty sweet in their little dingy community until he realises that he’s been lured there under false pretences. It’s quite funny for a film with such dark undercurrents and has a special wtf ending. 7/10

04.Salo (1975)

One of those films so disturbing it was banned in several countries but is now widely available but still hard on the stomach. A group of aristocrats gather up a large group of young adolescences and re-enact all their most perverse fantasies, mostly involving asses and doody. I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to films but I watched this first thing in the morning on the first viewing and I didn’t eat until sundown. It’s a surreal story detailing events that were supposed to have happened during the dying end of WWII. 10/10

05.Profondo Rosso / Deep Red (1975)

This is one of my all-time favourite Giallo films, David Hemmings stars as an American jazz pianist who witnesses a murder while travelling in Italy, he then gets caught up in an elaborate cat and mouse chase as he tries to unravel this dangerous mystery as the killer gets ever closer. With ample lashings slashing and slaughter the musician along with a reporter who adopts him become a slightly comic sleuthing duo but quickly find themselves out of their depth. 10/10

06.Supervixens (1975)

I thought I’d add in something that isn’t usually in a lot of great film lists but it’s memorable  and probably an acquired taste. The plot behind his sexploitation film is simple, Clint is a mild mannered gas station attendant whose wife is killed by a psycho cop who pins the murder on Clint, so Clint goes on the run but is sexually harassed by voluptuous nymphomaniacs until a literally explosive climax. We all like a bit of grot from time to time but this actually turns out to be quite a great in-yer-face  movie. 7/10

07.Rollerball (1975)

A dark future was painted for us, a world where violent sport entertains us, women are treated like furniture and corporations censor every book and document allowing access only to a privileged few, when do we look forwards to this? 2018!  It’s not far wrong, bimbofication is a thing, fake news and Russian spy bots tip figures in elections and direct us towards certain information and our violence is from the news more than the stadium. James Cann leads up a team that play Rollerball but the sportsman starts thinking and a thinking man in this future is dangerous and the corporation who owns him, tries everything to get rid of him before he becomes a nucience. While it’s not a hugely flashy sci fi film, it’s does remain dark and very poignant. 08/10

08.Night train murders (1975)

A couple of schoolgirls run into a trio of sadistic assholes on the train home for Christmas. They are subjected to strange levels of rape and torture, but the trio manage to compose themselves and while leaving the train they run into the family of the girls they destroyed and shack up with them for a bit of winter cheer. The film is basically Last house on the left but mostly on a train but still it remains a cult favourite in its own rights. 09/10

09.L’assassino e costretto ad unccidere ancora/The Killer must kill again (1975)

One of my all time favourite Giallo films, directed by Luigi Cozzo. A Jigalow makes a deal with  a serial killer to kill his wealthy wife when she threatens to leave him, after the stony faced killer has dispatched her, a couple of thrill seeking young people steal his car and he heads out to follow their trail. It’s a pretty gruesome and electrifying chase, an unusual Giallo in that sense but still brilliant in many ways. 08/10

10.Death Race 2000 (1975)

A slightly unusual sci fi here, with lots of action and luckily a touch of comedy as the nature is very morbid at times, in this dank future there is a cross country race, much like the Gumball Rally but the bonus prizes are killing innocent people in gory ways, the characters are more like the wacky races. 06/10

Hopefully you enjoyed the list, what do you think should make Volume 2…

3 thoughts on “10 Great films from 1975 Volume 1”

  1. This is a terrific list from a classic year in cinema history. I love that you included “A Boy And His Dog” and while “Salo” is an extremely difficult film to watch, it is also an important one. I would add these, with a link to one of them:: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a really impressive creative achievement and unlike much of what was released at the time, and “Hearts Of The West” with Jeff Bridges is an affectionate look at the beginning of Hollywood. “The Stepford Wives” is a great thriller with Katherine Ross, and one of my favorite Actors, Gene Hackman, starred in the under-rated film noir “Night Moves”…here is a look if you are interested:


    1. This is gonna sounds awful but I’ve never watched the The Rocky Horror Picture Show… I know… I may be the omly person who hasn’t, I know some of the characters and the general outline and all the dance steps but never actually watched the film. I will check out the list!

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