The Despicable (2019)

Starring: .Nigeria. 2h 40m

Like a lot of Nollywood movies, there is a central theme of step parents abusing the children they are supposed to be protecting. A lusty adult will move in, swipe up a new lover but all they care about is the material wealth, and sadly the children are the ones to pay as they are often seen as being expendable.

In the opening act it’s not quite straightforward as to who’s trying to ruins who’s relationship but eventually a viper makes her move and threatens all the other women interested in a certain married man, then kills his wife and moves in. Her criminal behavior doesn’t stop there, it begins to extend to her new adopted children, an adorable pair of girls who feel alone in a world without their loving mother are soon picked on and abused when all they need is support and love.

The film draws on some mysticism for it’s gritty revenge and there’s a brilliant ghost beating at the end which is worth a view but it’s not one of the most dynamic Nollywood movies but thankfully it’s only 2 hours long. This limitation probably made the team feel a little threatened as most Nollywood films play on for a lot longer, and I never thought I’d say but it does feel crammed, there’s a lot of brutality towards children though so it’s probably a good thing it doesn’t go on forever.

The father is so absent in the movie, which isn’t rare, overall it makes the plot work for him not to be around, to be a spanner in the works between the evil step mother and his adorable children but what the fuck is he doing all the time?

Luckily the antics of the step mother really kick in and keep the movie in flow as she reaches new lows and the girls have to try to protect themselves from her punishments. The production is pretty solid and there’s a touch of special effects so that’s a bonus, but the sound quality is all over the show and switches from deafening to nearly no sound at all, but this is just one of those Nollywood things, but the filming and it’s techniques aren’t a huge distraction.

Despite its faults it’s easy to get into and not so epic that you need to take a week of work to watch it but it’s not so amazing that it stands out from all the rest of the evil stepmother themed movies.But watch the ghost beat down it’s quite a charming revenge scene if you’re into Nollywood special effect and all that.

Rating: 3/10

L: A-Z Nollywood films

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