The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord (2020)

Director: ​Jared Jay Mason, ​Clark Runciman
Starring: Jordan Ashley Grier, Swayde McCoy. USA. 2h 1m

A couple on a romantic getaway in an idyllic cabin in the mountains agree to smoke a little dope and be totally honest with each other, but when Micharl (McCoy) beings to confess that he’s God possessing a human body, does his new lover Gabby (Grier) believe him, or is Michael a manipulative psychopath or is he really channelling a divine being, if so.. why?

​She was warned, He works in mysterious ways

There’s so much talking in this 2 hour movie, and there’s nothing visual to entertain an audience, and it makes me wonder if this would be more successful as a radio play. With films like these where there’s some preaching and a great debate, the acting needs to be full of Shakespeare, the actors NEED to grip you with their presence and while this pair of actors did a good job, they just don’t go into the territory of a GREAT job. but this doesn’t stop the movie from being interesting, you’ll want to know if Michael has an addenda or not and it’s a terrible shame that it’s such a slog to find out.

Gabby is the speaker for the people and she doesn’t ask half of the questions I’ve heard directed at the creator over the years, I’m sure we all have a list? I’m sure if Stephen Fry were in the house we’d have a different film..

But in spite of the bible bashing preaching, it’s an interesting concept, I do admire how well the actors managed to keep up with the character changing and there’s some sensible additions of very minimal special effects to enhance the godmodeing that Michael does from time to time, it’s just enough to still make you think that he could or couldn’t be spiritual but for me it’s just not something that speaks to me, speaks for me or really kept my attention for both hours… Hopefully those who like entry grade theological puzzles will get a kick out of it?

Rating: 2/10

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