Choose (2010)

Director:Marcus Graves.
Starring. Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Pollak, Nicholas Tucci. USA. 1h 23m.

The preview and adverts for this made it look like a cross between Se7en (1995) and WAz, dark and broody, crazy serial killer, but this dabbles with the atmosphere it’s really there’s more daddy daughter bonding going on and detracts from the “fun”.

The young and wonderful Fiona Wagner (Winnick) is studying for her masters degree in Journalism and is struggling to deal with her mother’s suicide, bonding with her father Tom Wagner (Pollak) )is hard as he’s busy busting crooks but a new serial killer starts to bring them together, chuck in the expertise of her therapist and they morph into a crime hunting trio. Sadly Fiona does a lot of the leg work. The killer is deranged and places people in tricky situations, one is a layer who’s killed by his teenage daughter, she has the choice of killing him or being killed along with her family. Another case is when a pianist is forced to choose between losing his fingers or hearing.

He makes the rules. You make the choice

Despite the derangement of the killer, they are pretty smart at evading capture, and even manages to keep a correspondence going with Fiona edging her on to try and capture him and using the name ISO_17.

The film is ok, it pulls so many elements from WAz in the makeup of the killer and there are hints of Anamorph (2007) and even Saw (2004) but dumbing down those films dark natures and forcing it into the shape of a melodrama didn’t do it any favours. Pollack is greatly underused and his character barely gets off the ground, or maybe I’m not used to seeing him trying to be the pleasant dad but there was little power in his performance.

It’s hard to take on board a movie that take such a great idea and plays it down so much, as a horror enthusiast I want to see ideas expanded on and twisted and generally explored, rather than presented as something new, probably why reboots don’t work, this feels as if it’s trying to be the new WaZ but doesn’t pay enough homage to really be taken seriously.



Rating 3/10

RWΔZ (2007), Anamorph (2007)
L – Serial Killer Films, Father and Daughters who rock
5s – Kevin Pollak
Vs – Choose Vs WAz

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