Short Movie Roundup 25 April 2021


Dillon Vibbart’s mini movie is a prime example of what indie cinema can achieve with the right mind behind it. This haunting story of a woman being tormented by demons in her dreams is outstanding, so expect to see it at the end of the year ok folks! Made on a healthy budget of 12K. After experiencing some life threatening dreams a woman reaches out to a man who can enter her dreams to help her. Once in the dreams things don’t go exactly as you’d expect, but the battle is fought, but how will it turn out!?!

The doctor is played by Chris Attoh, and I am besotted with his acting skills as they blow the competition and elevate the film’s message. What starts out as something which any horror fan thinks they have cracked turns into something more poignant but that doesn’t mean it’s any less scary, in face the fear becomes more palpable. I can’t express how well this is filmed and executed, there are some really menacing long shorts which hold real tension, the characters are believable, the effects are kept to a minimum but what you see can’t be unseen and it doesn’t rely on jump scares and silly tactics to get under the skin. I hope this becomes a bigger film or that Vibbart is given more opportunities, but please keep Attoh!


A woman hears a strange noise in her attic after going up to investigate. She finds some strange family documents and her world is turned upside down. What starts as a simple horror becomes an engrossing terror boiling within the bloodline of this fated family.

It’s a simple movie and it’s secret is in the sauce, so to speak. While the approach is slightly amateurish , the narrative is pretty effective. I think that with a lot of the action happening in silence it just needed a musical score to help bring the elements together and liven the longer scenes up. Overall a great effort.


A comedy covid film to help elevate the terrors of the pandemic. Written and Directed by Diego Vicentini this delightful strange comedy sees a man make it to his family’s summer home alone. Everyone else has been caught up at the airport and he’s alone, trying to make the best of the bad situation he lounges around doing all those things a single guy might do when he’s home alone, but the boredom sinks in until strange things begin to happen around the supposedly empty house.

There’s a lot of charm in Vicentini’s short that never lets it’s audience put their guard down. One minute it’s frivolous and quite cheerful, but then it slowly mixes in some really disturbing ideas. A man talking to his reflections in the bathroom, manages to evict one of them, then after inviting his family in for dinner he takes a sort of paranormal selfie that won’t be easily forgotten by those who make it to the end. Definitely a mixed bag but balanced so well.

The Ballerina

I’m back to Social House Films again, I really do love their varied approach to horror situations. While this one seems to be a really obvious set up, there’s a strange quality about it which you can’t turn away from.

There’s nothing more frightening than to be alone in a room of mirrors and your reflection begins to take over, the interaction starts off quite playful but the mood soon changes as the melovent reflection starts to break things. Just another solid horror presented in the way of contemporary dance.

The making of The Ballerina

For those who just have to know how it’s done..


It’s easy to call this a comedy horror but the comedy is pitch black and it’s more of a puzzling thriller, which you have to laugh at..because it’s so strange. For the most part it feels like something from a Douglas Adams novel, do you remember that woman who worked out the meaning of life only to be obliterated when the planet earth gets vaporised for a highway, well hold onto that concept this is in that vein of strange.

A man is drinking at a bar and he has an unusual story and a lot of guilt. The patrons at the bar want to hear his story so he opens up to them. He has an idea, one he shared with his wife and now she’s dead. His idea is so original whenever he shares it, it causes people’s heads to explode. The two men hear his story and they want to hear his story.. but this time things are different!?

There’s so much appeal in the movie, the crazy set up and superb acting is faultless, definitely feels like a mini episode of the Twilight Zone, something so fresh and entertaining.


Directed by Andrew Marks, who’s known for his work on visual effects on big titles like Pacific Rim, Star Wars VII and other blockbusters. In this short he turns his mind to a short film dedicated to an elaborate soundscape with devastating consequences!

When a director fails to get intouch with an elusive film editor. Having to visit him at his home to find out what he’s been doing with the soundtrack of his movie, he’s given the opportunity to sit and listen, but this might be the biggest mistake of his life.

Is it possible to alter reality through sound? Is it possible to affect mood, time and reality through an elaborate mix of sound and what kind of mind is capable of creating this soundtrack without also being affected. It’s something which has been tackled by cinema before, Pontypool, Berberian Sound Studio are prime examples of sound affect the human brain, but this is a drop of the psychotropic a magician of sound makes a bold debut in this short which I’d personally like to see expanded into some kind of audio visual neon wave adventure.


Slightly experimental but all terrifying, this layered horror plays on ideas of gory scenes and disturbing actions blended with a slightly playful art style immersed in a textured landscape of sound effects.

A man is spitting a vicious black liquid into the sink when he overhears his wife attempting to leave, shooting her several times in front of their daughter he then buries her in the yard. Later that night he waits for her return with a shotgun on the porch but all of his senses are turned up to the max, he can hear a spider spinning a web and sense that something is incredibly wrong, with his nightmarish landscape he also has to contend with visions of the dead, his own decaying body and an incredible blood explosion in his bathroom.

The unsettling soundtrack of scathing violins and tingling strings is matched with this mismatched adventure in limbo but will it deter him for his planned actions or is it too late? This is a superb Von Trier-esque adventure by Dani Viqueira.


I love being chucked into a dangerous situation where you, as the audience has to work out what’s going on as quickly as the main character. This is exactly what happens in this chilling religious experience! A woman awakens in a motel room, she’s got some keys in her hands and a shotgun, but she’s more worried about the light, why is she afraid to be in the dark, well of course the monsters live in the dark and the biggest baddest monster of them all is lurking in the model and is desperately seeking her out.

it’s something that would fit into a VHS series. Delightly directed by Bishal Dutta there’s a constant sense of energy as this woman makes a desperate attempt to make a dash for safety but is the task just too big and impossible.

Often it’s annoying when a film hit the floor running almost mid sentence, we don’t know how this situation cropped up or why, is she deserving of her dark fate or a totally innocent bystander, we don’t know but what’s really imperative is that she gets away and we want to get away too, because what we can see of the demonic being is enough to send chills into anyone’s soul.

Dutta has really gone balls to the walls with this spic journey, and quite cleverly relying on audience common sense and horror knowledge and understanding to elivate the need to explain each fascet of the film it’s able to keep a hectic speed. Which is a blessing for anyone who just wants to escape the situation like the poor woman just trying to hold onto the light.

The Most Gruesome Death Imaginable – the Byford Dolphin Accident

The team who bring us Biographics and a number of other channels never seem to run out of interesting content. In this video from their Highlight History channel, they highlight the ultimate fears of deep sea diving, and how one small mistake took many lives in a really skin crawling, probia driven, butt clenching way. It’s informative and goes into gory details.

One of the Most Dangerous Water Parks Ever – Action Park

I am always impressed with the depths that Illuminaughtii goes with her informative videos and I am equally amazed with the amount of horrors that have been written about when Action Park is mentioned. I am yet to see the “official” documentary but I feel I might have more bases covered after this charming video, you can literally hear her eyes roll around her skull when she has to details just how dangerous the park and owners were, one particularly worrying moment is when a test dummy was decapitated when testing a slide that somehow managed to become a part of the water park anyway without any modifications??? buckle up for this one.

The Budgies that started their own religion

Shrouded Hand has gone above and beyond with an interview with Ryan Reynolds (not that one) in this brilliant insight into a very peculiar story of talking budgies who seem to be getting messages from a higher being!?!? Sounds batschitcrazy right!?!? If you have the time then it’s really worth checking out as there’s some really mystifying recordings, even the followers of this “bird cult” were divided between the phenomena and a new religion.

The Dolphin House

I assumed there were military experiments with Dolphins, although I can’t imagine the advanced ones are in the public domain but while it’s a subject I’ve always wanted to do some research in, this amazing documentary from Atrocity Guide has given me something meaty to start my research.

Centring on the works of John C Lilly and Margaret Howe who attempt to live and school dolphins by teaching them English through some of the most bizarre methods ever is really eye opening. Not only were their studies really outrageous but Dr Lilly’s life and use of floatation tanks and drugs really elevated him to a strange hero of the mind and consciousness.

The Slow Death of Sylcia Likens

There was once a tragic event and a movie made of that event, The Girl Next Door fucked with the heads of many film fans. Personally I think the film dulls the real impact of what happened to Sylvia from taking away her identy even in the title to mulling over the darker aspects of her torture and demise. But whatever was missed in the movie is magnified in this detailed account from Shrouded Hand who meticulously goes through the entire timeline. So put down your snacks and see how you feel about Gertrude Baniszweski..

The Truth about Straight Edge

I have to admit that I only heard about straight edge in about 2007. I’ve never really been into the punk scene however I have some great pun friends, I just respect that they do what they do and the aim is never to hurt anyone. But the concept of straight edge kinda hit me as something which could go into scary territory and this is a really well informed video which highlights those fears but luckily it’s a niche area.

So the basic idea is clean living, no booze, no drugs, no fooling around, some people suggested no smoking and then I was wondering if veganism might come into it, and yes it does, but it seems some punks want to use their “better” level of clean living to look down on others. Luckily this is in the minority but if you ever wanted to see more about this lifestyle/subgenre then this is the perfect place to start.

Scary Videos You Have to See to Believe

Another collection from Slapped Ham but you gotta check out the goat, what the bejesus is he doing??

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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