Judy (2014)


Director: Emanuele De Santi
Writer: Emanuele De Santi
Stars: Jade Matthew, Carol Bolt, Ashleigh Whitfield. Italy. 1h 20m

The previews, trailers, reviews and DVD cover for this movie look absolutely beautiful, they all contain strong imposing grotesque images, that I thought had resulted from amazing and powerful horror film, brutally deadly and messy but unfortunately that’s not the way the cookie crumbled.

Bad things happen to bad people” that’s what the ringleader of a deranged group of Street performers called the crows always says and she decided to unleash the wrath of a gang on a woman and her dog. Mary and Judy,  I’d just like to point out that Judy is the dog, stop at some traffic lights and Mary did the worst thing ever!!! she actually ignored a street performer trying to get money out of her, just an freakish old woman in clown make up (nightmare fuel) and somehow this in self that turns into a brutal stalking and takedown mission on her and her dog.

The film has an interesting concept, a minor mishap that is taken out of context and an ugly can of worms is opened up, but the film manages to miss it’s own narrative and focuses in on trying to create a scary atmosphere. In one 5 minute segment she shouts judy nearly x30 times I Was going to count from the beginning but I couldn’t put myself through that again. The creepy gang that are pursuing Mary only had freaky make up and more effort went into their stalkerish actions than developing believable characters, that all seemed to be have been dubbed by the same actress.

It has some creepy aspects but there’s too many annoyances that really drain the movie from substance. With a bit more effort this could be turned into something great, but as it stands it’s edgy but just not frightening. Some scenes are just totally unnecessary and it seemed that a lot has been added to make up the time, it gives the impression that the film would be more suitable as a short, and probably emerged from a Creepypasta. The min character, who I assumed would be Judy.. who is actually Mary has no real depth and being such a barbie doll housewife, doesn’t seem to be the gritty character who you actually want to survive a horror movie and just appears so out of place. it’s definitely something different… just not great horror.


Rating 1/10

ROldboy (2003), Infidus (2015), StrangeBlood (2015)
L – Best of the Worst of Horror Films, Clown Movies, Stalker Films, Revenge Flicks.


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