Monster Project (2017)


Day 7 – Monster Project

Director: Victor Mathieu.
Starring. Jamal Quezaire,Justin Bruening,Murielle Zuker, Toby Hemingway, Yvonne ZimaUSA. 1h 34m.

I want to kick myself after watching this film, I had high hopes and every one of them was smashed into pieces. It’s particularly hard for me as I often defend found footage movies, it’s such a unique genre that is often hated on and with movies like this… I have to hold my hands up and agree.

A couple of YouTube pranksters film fake monster and paranormal videos, they’re in it for the YouTube Bucks and the Likes, but they want to try and be more authentic and want to find real monsters to film to prove their existence. After making this snap decision they just pop out and find a few real critters, including a sleepwalker, a vampire tattooist, a real possessed Japanese chick who levitates and does the usual Sadako shit, after confirming their credentials, they hook up with their long lost ex’s and go to a remote location and begin the interviews. It’s quite apparent that one of the main members of the cast has a few inner demons to exorcise from his past and soon he becomes a focal point but why?

I’m sure there could have been a better way of arranging this far-fetched meeting in the wilderness? Either way when the crew and cast area all finally on site, they evacuate the current owner and his disabled and not quite all there wife. Cameras are set up and the crew are assembled, they briefly run through the setup and fail safes i.e. a wooden stake for the vamp is she gets out of hand. Each room houses one of the “monsters”, they will do the interview and let this individual prove that they are real. Things don’t go to plan..

The crew are all highly annoying in their own lame way, the token tries too hard to be funny and comes off as a chatty idiot, the main guy tries too hard to be stern and tough but he’s never had an original idea in his life, he’s just a pushy asshole. Everyone else is just annoying, even the monsters, the Skin walker is the prominent bad guy, after he starts to morph into a werewolf he rampages around the house trying to kill everyone, the vampire talks the talk but doesn’t walk her walk, the Japanese kid is just nuts and spends most of her time running with the crew, even though she’s supposed to be one of the bad guys!? Periodically a goat headed man appears saying some dumb phrase and runs away, the whole thing just ends up looking really pathetic.

Overall it comes off to be more of a parody of found footage instead of being a real contender for a good horror movie, looking more like Grave Encounters (2011), largely to scenes being filmed with night vision as well as being on the run. The concept is very intriguing but the execution is appalling, the unrelated twist at the end was the final nail in the coffin, this film won’t be forgotten for all the wrong reasons, it failed to raise any suspense and totally forgot to scare.

Rating 2/10

RGrave Encounters (2011), Diary of the Dead (2007), Evil Dead (1982), Digging up the Marrow (2014),

L – A-Z Found Footage Vol 1. Monster movies

A – Found footage a genre that loves to be hated.

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