06 (Creepy) Stop Motion Short Films

01.You Could Sunbathe In This Storm

D: Alice Dunseath

A deep exploration os you and i and we and us. Using the poem The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The Water – Poem by William Butler Yeats. The film is a very unique blend of stop motion, mostly made from what looks like clay objects rather than a softer molding material, and at one point it turns into a crystal growing project. It’s touching and emotive.


D: Lena Ólafsdóttir

A student piece is brimming with ideas and innovation. Is filmed from the perspective of a CCTV camera of a doctor’s waiting room, a man enters and starts to piss in a plant pot, a couple enter after, a pregnant woman and her partner, disgusted at the scene they sit down.. And he gets himself an ice cream. The claymation film gets incredibly strange after this, without dialogue it details the worst aspects of human behaviour and attitude, the entire cycle of life and death and all of our favourite vices in between. It’s great, surreal and funny.


D: Hendrikus De Vaan

The best of both worlds here, black and white and stop motion, written and directed by Hendrikus De Vaan, who has an varied YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/HendrikusDeVaan). This story is something that a majority of us can associate with. A man almost limps home from work, shoves a meal in the microwave, work is constantly calling, over due projects are building up on his desk. He’s exhausted and just wants to disappear… he opens a locked cupboard and pulls a rabbit out of a hat… It’s like a film noir sideshow pitch.

04.Man With Issues

D: Tom Reilly

Extremely short claymation showing a man in a small cell in an insanitarium, cursing the doctors and people on the outside and verbalising what he needs to do to get out of the ward and then what he’ll do to those inside,until the phone rings.. It’s quite a little twisted ending and such a powerful and comical piece, from a New Zealand director. I think we all have moments where we’d like to tell the powers that be what we really think about them.. inhibition is a great thing.

05.House of Horror

D: Björn Carlander

A haunted house comes alive! There isn’t really a backstory to this film, but still images of a deleric house are brought to life to a “Turbine womb” by Soap & Skin. The little subtle movements do describe some narrative but it’s just unsettling to watch.



D: Joaquín Cociña

A series of charcoal drawings that are repeatedly altered and films to give a sense of motion, each one completely destroyed by the end of filming illustrated a disturbing creepy idea usually about death, dark desires, passion and fear. Brilliantly crafted and a truly unique set of animations with chilling sound effects.


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