Almost Human (2013)

Director: Joe Begos
Starring: Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier, Vanessa Leigh. USA. 1h 20m

For the most part Almost Human has a lot of connections with comedic scifi horror, Altered (2006), and ultimately feels like a blood splattered version of the classic Fire in the Sky (1993) but this indie thriller is way more serious and writhes with brutally dark violence and gore once it builds momentum.

The film opens with a panicked man, Seth (Skipper) driving through the American wilderness, late at night checking the sky he frantically arriving at a remote house he bangs on his friends door exclaiming that “they took him into sky” after disturbing his friend Josh (Fisher) and his girlfriend they try to assess the situation, eventually an embravened Josh grabs his shotgun to confront whatever is causing flashing lights in his yard. Before he gets to the door a loud noise causing everyone to drop to their knees their nose and eyes bleeding the trip scream in pain, suddenly Josh walks outside turning to look back he’s raised up into the sky in a beam of light.

Years later Seth Is still experience odd ill health and nose bleeds but has moved on, somewhat, but can’t shake the effects of that traumatic night, but when a series of horrific murder begin happening around the town, Seth suspects that Josh might be back but why is his old friend in such a bad mood?

For all it’s faults, wooden acting and the odd plot hole, what really stand out is the exceptional effects that leaves it’s audience as blood soaked and distraught as all of the victims that pile up in the second half of the movie, but if you’re not in it for the blood then it might just not seem as impressive for you, or maybe you’re not feeling that old school vibe? Once the cringe drama and bright light display is over and Josh begins his diabolical mission involving some brutal beatdowns, throat cutting and tentacle rapeyness as he stalks around a rural homestead like Michael Myres. A lot of the film feels like a 70/80’s trippy extraterrestrial horror, not quite Alien 2 On Earth (1980) or even a modern addition to XTRO (1982). But as far as this retro goodness will get you there are some major flaws which is a shame as I really enjoy the movie but it just doesn’t feel like a brave attempt to save mankind from an alien apocalypse despite this being the sketchy plot that it’s desperately trying to carve out.

Rating 5 /10

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