Robocop 2 (1990)


Director: Irvin Kershner.
Starring: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihy, Belinda Bauer, Tom Noonan, Gabriel Damon. USA. 1h 57m.

After the amazing success of Robocop we were blessed with a sequel, and on this rare occasion we got a semi decent film. Picking up not too long after the first film in things haven’t really changed in Old/New Detroit. We find out hero more integrated into the police department and accepted by society. But obviously everything has to go wrong, OCP are ever greedy and wanting more control of the city and they are also interested in creating Robocop 2 (shock horror). The biggest drug on the street is Nuke and the man who invented it, Cain (Noonan), and his gang are Public Enemy No.1, and therefore Robo’s biggest enemy, along with the terror they bring, Murphy also has to contend with a bigger and better and more psychotic Robocop 2.

During this destructive battle our hero is subject to some unusual re-programming lead by the over ambitious Professor Faxx (Bauer). Under his new directives he’s a soft target, sprouting poetry and not coping very well with life, how can our hero ever fight back when he’s in such an emotional state. Meanwhile the city is slowly being brought out by OCP and there’s nothing the people can do about it.

If you’ve read my top list of films or follow me on twitter you’ll know that Robocop is one of my all time favourite movies, and Robocop 2, to me is just as awesome, I really enjoyed how there’s a bigger lack of personal safety than in the first movie, there’s only a mention of the ED209 but the classic two legged droid doesn’t make an appearance which is the only down side.

MagnaVolt – the final word in auto security. No embarrassing alarm noise, no need to trouble the police… and it won’t even run down your battery!

Often criticised for being mindless and lames, I have to agree the film is mindless violence but if you’re able to switch off and watch some 90’s bravado then you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t push boundaries like the first movie but it doesn’t have to, there are enough gun fights and big explosions to keep any action fan entertained for some time.

Among the shootouts and robot wars, we do discover a little more about Mrs Murphy, as she had a painful reunion with her husband, but at this point Murphy is a product and has hardly any will left. It’s interesting to see the bullshit adverts that are equally violent and distressing as in the first film, alongside a world that just doesn’t care, time and time again there is an ugly display of the breakdown of society and the players get younger and younger. Finally our hero who spends more of his time without his mask is also slowly broken down, both mentally and physically.

It would have been interesting to see more done that involved Murphy’s son, the wife was brought into it but the Son of Robocop would have made an interesting addition. Instead we have Nancy Allen with her less boyish haircut but still strangely protective of Murphy and a babble of one liners. Noonan plays a very charismatic insane villain who almost comes back from the dead to carry on his fight and it’s note worthy appearances from Martin Casella who is my favourite character from Poltergeist  and turns up for a split second as the smoking man, but more important is the fact Frank Miller appears as the cook for Nuke. 

With some distinctive (shyster) characters everything seems to continue to spiral out of control in this manic universe where it’s certain that we only have one person to protect us and that’s Robocop, who comes with a more dramatic soundtrack this time.



Rating 9/10

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5SPeter Weller, Tom Noonan, Nancy Allen
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