Short Movie Roundup 8 December 2019.

Night of the Hell Hamsters

For the life of me I am totally sure that I have reviewed this before, I know i’ve posted about it on YouTube a bit. It’s incredibly cheesy, with overused sound effects, tv spooky backing music, the only thing missing is canned laughter. On a dark and spooky night a woman waits for her lover to turn up with a Ouija board, he forgets, on purpose, so she improvised by using her whisky glass and a drop of blood from the silly boyfriend who just got bitten by a hamster. It’s an unlikely combination but alas it’s what you’d expect from this level of comedy horror.

Somewhere between the purple and blue back lighting and the scattered children’s toys they manage to raise a demon, the mighty Spozgar, who’s more bitchin than Zozo.

Things get gory, when the red eyes hamster/s becomes possessed and start sprouting lines from the Exorcist and giggling maniacally but the evil entity and beings biting dicks. There’s a touch of Evil Dead in the ridiculousness of this short which may be should be extended into something more substantial like my all time favourite British Comedy Horror, I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle.

Even in the credits there’s a bunch of laughs as the two man hamsters are named, The nice brown one and the little cream bugger.


Teenage years are supposed to be the best of your life, but with homework, parents, rules, school and everything that comes with being that particular age it can be hellish, all of that aside the young cheerleader in the centre of this intimate nightmare in Jake Hammond’s short movie has to face the grisly manifestations of her own body dysmorphia, and when someone gets too close, things get out of control. With hints of It Follows and an adorable bombing electro soundtrack it’s actually quite marvelous and not one to miss.

Dawn of the Deaf

An unusual short from Rob Savage follows the lives of separate deaf individuals as the deal with a range of issues, rape, a break up, the stress of talking in front of a large crowd. Bug gradually as the film speeds up something begins to happen to those with hearing followed by a chilling uprising.

It’s hard to reflect on this and not think of 28 Days later but it’s a very different film, maybe if it was extended it could do a lot for deaf actors and really push a message, what message i’m not sure but this is a mighty platform to start from, I really love the way in which the subtitles are handles, very creative.

Launder Man

A woman is doing the laundry when she drops some change, but while searching for it she finds a monster! An incredibly short movie with lots of thrills.


Advertised as a British Gang Film.. In appearance it looks like it’s going to be closer to The Fence is style, based around 1986 a group of pseudo footie thugs adopt a new member into their gang who becomes Acid, a young fighter but like them an all round okay boy, who just likes to have fun and fight, but his bloody induction into the gang only causes friction within its members.

Despite the name it’s less like Trainspotting and more like Awaydays. Sadly the acting is a bit off, the lines aren’t delivered too well but with a bit of TLC it could become a bigger and more vibrant part of a longer story. I can see Danny Dyer popping up as one of the gang members if this was ever given a cinema release lol.. oh dear.

The Road

A post apocalyptic short in a world where no one can be trusted, a lone woman manages to carve out an existence for herself and protect herself using the ruse of smoke from her fire to lure men into her grasp but has the new traveler seen this trick before, he seems willing to walk into her trap.

It’s clever for what it is, although I was hoping for a more One Boy and His Dog style ending if you know what I mean. It’s attempt is to be some kind of tactical game of chess but it needs a few more layers to be truly interesting but it’s okay as it is.

The Open Doors

I’m back to future shorts as I’m still trying to process why they aren’t here anymore 😦 I still hope it’s just a blip. So this period thriller stars Michael Sheen. I do love it when seasoned actors spare a bit of time for these smaller projects, hats off to all of you.

A young girl greets a visitor, a nervous man, probing him for information and then scaring him about why the door has been left open, due to recent suicides a grief stricken mother is expecting the dead to return, after their chat something begins to appear the foggy countryside.

Based on the short story ‘The Open Window’ by Saki (H. H. Munro) it’s a cheeky tale more than a ghost story, I’d have throttled the kid for scaring me to be honest but alas that’s frowned upon. A brilliantly filmed short from director James Rogan.

Deep Clean

This short from Matt Harlock stars Tony Way (who was in the first short movie I reviewed on the site) and Paul Kay who’s a freaking legend.

So this team of workers for the Deep Clean company don’t just spend their time drinking tea by the side of the road, in their main priorities really lie protecting mankind from strangeness that lurks under the streets.

I really love the film, it’s a bit cheesy, a touch of Attack the Block and really really needs to go full throttle and become something amazing and to have Tony and Paul back to see this make it big would be brilliant, if Grabbers can make it big then surely this can.

Eel Girl

Protocol is broken in the opening scene of this short about the eel girl, and we’re all aware of what happens when protocol is broken so the rest of the movie isn’t a shocker but it boasts some really great practical effects and make up but some god awful music, but another creative movie from Paul Campion. It feels more like a practice in effects than a full blown story but it’s enjoyable for what it is, the Eel Girl reminds me of a mix of the dead chick in the bath in 13 Ghosts (remake) and the Little Mermaid story covered here.

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