Short Movie Roundup 15 December 2019

Short Movie Roundup 15 December 2019

I’m working on a list of my favourite short movies to date, I might have to do a yearly list as the list is pretty long, but that’s what I get for leaving it so long to attempt this. I’ll try and post during December

This is Me

Another step back into time on Future Shorts, I’m starting to see a bit of activity on their instagram and can only hope they are coming back pretty soon? This darling little short is one of those upbeat but very tragic british tales, a man recounts why he’s currently in hospital, paralysed.. it’s one of those stories that plays out like a round, singing the end and middle and finally meeting in harmony at the end. British humor is certainly one of the best when it comes to dark subject, especially about blue water and sunbathing. Mind you it wasn’t too dissimilar to an event which happened this summer..


Another British classic with a slight twist, Ray Winstone stars in this violent short which also features Paddy Considine. Ray is a bouncer along with some close friends they guard the door of a popular night spot but after an altercation with a hot headed prick, i.e Paddy they fail to calm the situation and instead ignite the powder keg. Reminiscing while working out they bitterly recount the loss of one of their friends, the twist comes when it’s revealed where they are working out. It’s deep, like half of Rise of the Footsoldier condensed into a few minutes. But it’s golden enough to really be worked into a feature length film, it’s something we don’t see much of and I’m sure there are some interesting tales to be told from the cold side of a club door, although this is from Geoff Thompson who gave us Clubbed (2009) don’t’ stop man we need a lot more of this.


A Scandianvian tale set inside a women’s prison, where are sadistic and perverted guard stalks the inmates using them to act out his sickest fantasist until they begin to fight back. It’s really start and quite violent, I believe it comes with warnings. There are hints that it’s trying to suggest what’s right and wrong when it comes to applying gratuitous violence but you can’t help but want to beat a there another way to confront them? Somewhere in the dark rooms that this sordid story is set out there’s a ton of great acting and wonderful cinematography. apparently directed by a huge team?? René Schweitzer, Alex Negret, Jonas Bock, Romina Ecker, Jovana Reisinger, Luise Lindner, Elena Hell and Aline Bender.


A weak gothic story from some kids.. I don’t want to piss on the parade but this just wasn’t for me, sorry guy, but don’t give up.. keep the film dream alive, I’m sure I couldn’t do better. There is some really interesting use of camera angles but there’s just not enough decent acting or narrative to keep the dream alive for me yet, come back stronger.


A slow approach to horror in this student film, a couple of friends wish each other good night and it’s lights out, but something begins to stir in the darkness. A home effort which could have been loved a bit more and presented in different more powerful methods, something certainly goes bump in the night but it’s just not the scariest ending.


HP Lovecraft inspired story, surrounding one of Lovecraft’s staple characters, a man who is losing his mind. It’s a short cerebral piece where you have to piece together what’s happening from a series of stills and muted telephone conversations. It’s beautifully shot and has a hidden chilling message which is an added bonus.


My favorite out the list today, a serial killer seems to be laying waste to a remote household in the desert, but there’s a small innocent girl hiding in the basement while this dememted stranger systematically guns down her family, but as the sun sets, the police arrive but there isn’t much time to save the man? Yep the true intentions begin to unfold as this wonderful story unfolds all of it’s secrets. This feels like chapter one to something much bigger, and I certainly hope it kicks off into something more substantial as is had a touch of Jeremy Saulnier about it. So well done Antonio Perez, I can’t wait to see what you work on next!

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