The Collector (2009)



Director Marcus Dunstan
Writer Marcus Dunstan / Patrick Melton
Starring  Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernandez, USA 1h 30m

I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a film about stamp collecting or soul collecting but it turns out to be about a psychopath with a McGuyver manual who “always takes one”, so he’s not a gifted collector huh…

Arkin O’Brien (Josh Stewart) is an ex convict who’s not making an honest living as a handyman, he’s currently doing a lot of work for the Chase family and has become attached to their daughter, he starts noticing a lot of insects around the home and eventually an exterminator is called in. On returning home, his wife gives him the terrible news that she needs a lotta money by midnight to pay off a series of loan sharks , Arkin has to don his thief cap again and decides to rob the Chase family, while attempting to crack the safe he hears someone else entering the house and screams coming from the basement, there is something very strange going on in the Chase household tonight, Mr Chase enters the room ready to attack Arkin but he’s bloody and bruised. He triggers a trap which incapacitates him and when Arkin tries to call the police the phone is bobby trapped (in a very painful way) and then he realises the windows are boarded up and also laced with a trap…

After this initial introduction things get very sinister but quite “samey”. Basically Arkin spends the rest of the movie running around the house all night trying to evade the “Collector”and rescue the Chase’s daughter. The only varying factor are the traps that are set up in each room. I don’t know if it’s my disorientation through the movie but it seems that some of the rooms are totally clear of traps one minute then when Arkin returns the Collector has filled the room with some evil MacGyver shit, but I don’t want to dumb down the birth of a brilliant new horror icon. No the film doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it’s brilliant for us gore fiends who don’t need a lot of sense to have a platform to work from and this delivers some of the most uncompromising squirmish horror and great gory scenes that I’ve seen for some time. Yes there is a huge element of torture and it’s fairly mindless but if this is your thing then there is a lot of your thing here to enjoy.



Rating  5/10

R – Saw (2004), The Collection (2012)
L – Home invasion films,
A – How many ways can you skin a cat, different kills in films.
5S – Josh Stewart, Juan Fernandez
VsThe Collector Vs  Jigsaw

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